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To use this template, copy the code block below and fill in the options (e.g. |name=) as indicated. If any options are left blank or not set, they will default to the appearance of the template to the right.

Use of this template will automatically put a page in Category:Factions and Forces.

|name=Faction Name
|image=Faction image (no "File:" prefix)
|structure=Empire, Kingdom, Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune, whatever's appropriate.
|teklevel=Whatever their [[TekLevel]] is.
|influence=Which faction/region they influence
|player=[[Link to player]]
|allies=[[Link(s) to ally faction(s)]] -- use <br/> tags to force line-breaks between factions
|enemies=[[Link(s) to enemy faction(s)]]
|characters=[[Link(s) to notable character(s)]]