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So way back when, I deleted this because it would be funny.

It took me five years to dig it back up.

{updated from present to page 27, still more to do]

A storm is coming and a time of strife and hardship looms, where do you stand?

The story is that the Immortals have taken the home planet of the Elmagnifico called Fico from the Gamma Corps and have been amassing an army and ships for a breakout attempt. Their agents in the form of weapons traders have been contacting the neighbouring and further flung Star Empires with lots of new Immortal Tech[size=75]TM[/size] and sounding them out as allies or potential enemies as well as weighing up their capabilities as a Military/Economic threat. Obviously, this aggressive build up of ships and men wouldn't go unnoticed and the whole region is in turmoil as thoughts turn to the war that's brewing.

Ok folks. I've been busy and need somewhere to keep tabs on this kind of thing. PM me or post here your Empires views of the Immortals and where they stand in the coming battle that is brewing. Are you for the Immortals or against them. We'll haggle out some terms and I'll keep note of it here in brief. Just so we can see where the battle lines will be drawn. :twisted: One other thing, for a good story we need enemies as well as allies so don't be sitting the fence, get stuck in. (Please note: The Immortals do sometimes Immortalise defeated enemies too, if they have been particularly deadly).

Some have already pledged support or are already Allied to the Immortal Empire. I will list them here and the terms/conditions. Others have taken a stance against them and they will also be noted. Any mistakes or missing info you want sorted then please let me know and I'll sort it.

[size=150][u][b]WARHEAD's EMPIRE SCALES[/b][/u][/size]

Note: Not all planets in the Empire will be habitable but many planets are a quantifiable galactic resource, even Gas Giants depending on the Tech of the Empire.

[b]Small Empire:[/b] - Anywhere from 1 to 50 Planets [b]Empire:[/b] - Up to 100 Planets [b]Large Empire:[/b] - Up to 250 Planets [b]Vast Empire:[/b] - Up to 500 Planets [b]Dominion:[/b] - Anywhere from 1 to 3 Galaxies

All Empires will require some form of Star Travel wither it's Space Ships (Micro or Warhead ( :roll: ) Scale ships are very acceptable and probably very wise) or Star Gates or any other devices imaginable. Medi-Evuul Planets can hitch a lift from a benevolent Tyrant in need of canon fodder.

[b]Small Force:[/b] - This may also include large organisations that prefer to attack in small numbers. [b]Host/Uprising:[/b] - This includes minority groups across an Empire in various planets or a large scale army.

[b]NPR[/b] Non-Player Races: Owned/created by a player as a second nation, often in oposition to their main faction. These are sometimes open for others to play or use in Forum Battles.


[b]Immortal Empire[/b] - Dominion Empire

[b]Brittanian League [/b](NPC - Lord Cromwell: Grand Admiral of the Black - Warhead, High Lord deSilva Admiral of the Yellow - Silverdream, High Lady ??? Admiral of the White - White Nun) - Cosmopolitan- Vast Empire - Free Trade situated in the middle of Brikverse converging all major trade routes. In a War with the Scythian Empire and Arms race of agression with the Assyrian Star Empire.

[b]VOL[/b] (Tuefish) - Military Alliance - Empire [b]TT SuperJews[/b] (Cpt Zipps) - Military Alliance - Empire [b]Akkadian Empire[/b] (Piltogg) - Military Alliance - Empire [b]Praetorian Empire[/b] (Dilanski) Military Alliance - Empire [b]Tyronian Empire[/b] - (Lt. Krus) Military and Trade Alliance - Empire [b]Inquistadores[/b] - (Bragallot) Military and Trade Alliance - Empire [b]Hammersmith Empire[/b] - (Ham701) - Military Alliance - Empire [b]MAOX[/b] - (BFenix) - Military Alliance - Empire

[b]Iron Golems[/b] - (NPC, Warhead) - Pledged Immortal Mercenaries - Small Empire [b]Trorc of Planet Kurvinia 6[/b] (Lordofdragonss) - Trade/Military Alliance - Small Empire [b]Noob Crushers[/b] (samuelzz10) - Military Alliance Small Empire [b]The Glacier PMC [/b](Tunasailor) - Military Alliance (Merc Force) Small Empire [b]Space Vikings[/b] (OneEye) - Military Alliance (Small Empire used for raids) [b]Coalition of Ajax-4[/b] (RunsWithLego) - Military Alliance (Small Empire) [b]The Nobodies[/b] - (Naussica) - Military Alliance - Small Empire? [b]UNDF[/b] - (MasterEcabob) - Military Alliance - Small Empire - SUFFERING INTERNAL STRIFE - CIVIL WAR!!! [b]Tanaris Confederacy[/b] - (OREMAWESOME) - Military Alliance - Small Empire? [b]M.A.S.S.[/b] - (mgb519) - Military Alliance - Small Empire [b]Crimson Dawn[/b] - (Alex) - Small Empire [b]Shadovian Empire[/b] (Chinook) - Military Alliance - Small Empire

[b]Walter Jacobi Ego Universal Trust[/b] (Ogle) - Alliance (Fledgling Empire Too small for Military Alliance but assists in R+D and Intel Gathering)

Shady Mercenaries - (The Honorable Leprechaun/Ex-Lep) - (Merc Infiltration Force) HIRED BY IMMORTALS [b]Slashbob Slaughterpants and the bikini bottom death brigade[/b] (Silent Sig-Fig - Merc Terror Force - HIRED BY IMMORTALS [b]The Universal Union [/b] - (501stCadians) - (Merc Raiding Force) HIRED BY IMMORTALS [b]Survival Union[/b] - (Sloopofwar) - Medium Raiding Force, Conditional [b]Mad-Evils[/b] - (NPC - Massam) Military Alliance (Small raiding force) [b]Manly Men Brigands[/b] (NPC, Warhead) (Small Merc Force) MFS is now a member of The Immortal Family. 1st to be Immortalised in the Brikverse [b]Blacklist Mercinaries[/b] - (Lt Krus) Military Alliance for a fee - Small mercinary force - HIRED BY IMMORTALS [b]Green Rangers of Greeentoppol[/b] - (RunsWithLego) - Small Force HIRED BY IMMORTALS [b]Atomic Unlimited[/b] - (GrafZeppelin) - The Count + Small Force? [b]Zupponn Minning Co[/b] - (Zupponn) - Merc Force - HIRED BY IMMORTALS - Astro-mining black ops. [b]Ordo Orientium Flagrans[/b] - (Rev. Sylvanus) - Small Force (one planet) - HIRED BY IMMORTALS

[b]ShapeShifter[/b] (ShapeShifter) - Amusing Cannon Fodder - Himself [b]Stoned and Drunk Mini-Fig haphazard Co-Op[/b] (Rody) - Just him and a few pals, in it for the luls... and bar snacks. BARMAN


[b]The Scythian Empire[/b] (Shadowscythe) - Vast Empire [b]The Gamma Corps[/b] (Elmagnifico) - Owned the first system to fall and lost the planet Fico. Battle to be done after ZZD. - Fractured Vast Empire [b]U.S.A.[/b] - (Silent Sig-Fig) Vast (Democratic/Capitalist) Vast Empire [b][color=blue]Assyrian Star Empire[/color][/b] (Natalye) - Peach Haters, (Advanced High Tech) - Own Agenda. Vast Empire

[b]Arillian Commonwealth[/b] (Dragonfire6+) - Large Empire The Military Of United Nations (aka Trattorians, same ol' shit different name) (PandoraNuker, Pedochild) - Large Inter-galactic Empire - Entire Nation tragically swallowed by an unstable singularity. DESTROYED: Dead race.

[b]Halkron Imperuim[/b] - (James + Burgundy) - Empire [b]Briktopians[/b] (Apollyon) - Empire [b]FELC[/b] (Ross_Varn) - Empire, Immortal Termination order, once allied to the Immortals. TURNCOAT watch your backs. Hehehe :D [b]Computer minds of the AN[/b] (Fredde) - Own Agenda, Empire [b]Silvarian Empire[/b] - (Silvadream) - Empire [b]Larscorp.® Industries [/b] - (Sizz-lor) - Corporate Empire - Weapons/Arms Dealers [b]The U.S.[/b] - (Alex) - Empire [b]The Republic of Inependant Nations[/b] - (Robot Monkey) Empire - Bitter grudge against Immortal Invasion.

[b]Nyphilian[/b] - (Pandoranuker: Pandy, Pedochild) - Empire - Race Terminated by order and agreement of various forces of both sides of the Immortal Conflict in the PedoNuker Acord treaty 2,011. - [b]Terminated Empire[/b]

[b]Diver Dudes[/b] - (NPR - Massam) - (Small Raiding Force) - Small Empire [b]Lesser Spacemen[/b] - (Sloopofwar) - Small Empire [b]M.U/Space Gangsters/Peaches of Ajax-4:[/b] - (RunsWithLego) - Small Empire [b]The evil corrupt slavers of Albion [/b] - (Magic Soap) - Small Empire [b]The Etruscan Kingdom of Pasta[/b] - (Jbgarrison) - Pro-Peach + Anti-Immortal, Small Empire [b]Al-Kind-of[/b] (Capt Zipps) Small Empire - Xenophobic, Own Agenda [b]Galaxian Colonies of Razgrizia Armed Forces[/b] (Razgriz - 25th Inf) - Small Empire [b]Paladin Corps[/b] - (Enders_Shadow) - Small Empire.

[b]Alliance Special Forces[/b] (Subyrally) Small Merc SpecOp Force [b]Post Apoc Survivors[/b] (Massam) mAd MaX sAm (Small Raiding Force, Survivors from the fall of Fico AND the Britannian Planet Praetoria) [b]The Duck Ninjas[/b] - (Paco, didn't know what else to call them) - Small force. von Bragallot - (Bragallot) - (Very Small Raiding Force)

[size=200][u][color=green][b]OTHER[/b][/color][/u][/size] (Also covers waiting to see what happens and can join FOR or AGAINST at any time).

[b]Ancient Worlds[/b] - (Many Players) - Many worlds haven't the technology or where-with-all to participate in the Immortal War unaided. That isn't to say they can't contribute as a steady supply of soldiers is always welcome. These planets are all scattered, have no way to contribute purposefully and are hopelessly unconnected and dispirit from one another but together would be considered a Dominion in itself.

[b]NEGA-VERSE:[/b] A chaotic doppelganger parallel to the Brikverse, one day there shall be a reckoning. - Dominion

[b]Britannian League[/b] (NPR - Lord Cromwell: Grand Admiral of the Black - Warhead, High Lord deSilva Admiral of the Yellow - Silverdream, High Lady ??? Admiral of the White - White Nun) - Cosmopolitan- Vast Empire - Free Trade situated in the middle of Brikverse converging all major trade routes. [b]Deadly Spacemen [/b](NPR but mostly a fractured group so it's anyone's guess) - Fractured Vast Empire - Own Agenda - Xenophobic, Mercs for Hire The Swarm - (Asterios) - Vast Empire - Single minded xenophobic, they will consume all living forms in order to increase their numbers. No discussion no negotiation. Consume or die! - Kill on sight.

[b]The BIN[/b] (Ross_Varn) - Large Empire

[b]EMPIRE UNKNOWN[/b] (Warman45) - Empire - Own Agenda - Isolationist Xenophobic [b]Vergilius Raskolnikov[/b] - (Arkbrik) - Empire - Own Agenda, Tyrant [b]Space Commies[/b] (NPR - Capt Zipps) - Empire - Own Agenda [b]UPA[/b] (OneEye) - Fractured Empire - Isolationist [b]Fenian Raiders [/b] (SilvaDream) - Empire (Always Against Britannian) Own Agenda [b]Space Commies[/b] (Silent Sig-Fig) Empire - Own agenda [b]45th Union[/b] - (RoC) Empire - [u]PEACH FORCE[/u] [b]RAG(formerly Glacier PMC)[/b] - (Tunasailor) - Empire

[b]Star Daemons[/b] (NPR played by IVHorseman in ZZD) - Own Agenda, Mercs for Hire - Small Empire [b]UFAS [/b]- (Ranger S2H) - Still Debaiting - Small Empire [b]C.O.O.[/b] (NPC, Ogle) - Small Empire [b]Czech Republic[/b] (Natalya) - Small Empire [b]IceWorld Of Krysto[/b] (IVHorseman) - Small Empire? (Psychotic) Up yours and eat my OTC like a Bitch Agenda. [b]Army of the Damn Tech (Undead)[/b] - (PrimalAge) - Own Agenda, Small Empire [b]The Confederate Legion[/b] - (Olothontor) - Small Empire, Heavily Industrialized Infrastructure, site of some of the most advanced and extensive shipyards. Produces some of the best fleet units that exists. [b]Consortium[/b] (trebnos1) - Small Merc Empire? Own agenda, will hire out to any side in this war. [b]Space Rastafariens[/b] - (Silent Sig-Fig) - Small Smuggler Empire, will hire out to who ever they please at the time, so long as the pay is good. [b]The Free Enterprises[/b] - (Ogle) - Empire - LEFT TO DO OTHER THINGS, LIKE THEIR HAIR. [b]Republic of Mauros[/b] (Cpl. Halan) - Small Empire, Gamma Corps Ally but now wishing to take on all comers, prone to psychotic episodes. [b]The Amorian Alliance[/b] - (Solvess) - Own Agenda, Small empire [b]The Anachronists[/b] - (Alex) - Small Empire - Mostly Harmless [b]Originators[/b] - (Asterios) - Ancient and mysterious race that can be arogant and pompos to the younger races. To all other races they're like your dad when you where a teenager, that man is such a goober! - Small Empire as they're in decline?

[b]The White Crusaders[/b] - (Sizz-lor) - Fledgling Empire, very small

Paladins against the Peaches - (NPR - beluga AKA: Pandoranuker, PedoNuker, PedoChild) - Hates Trattorian Empire and peaches, sworn to ignore immortal war and only focus on killing the peach race and its allies, Small Empire. If seen both forces will kill on sight.

[b]Zombie Lincoln and the Danse Macabre[/b]. (NPR - Warhead) - Vast Horde Uprising spanning many systems - Own Agenda, Xenophobic [b]Dimmies of BoB[/b] (NPR) - Horde Uprising spanning may systems - Own agenda Blokbots - (NPR, Sloopofwar) - Horde Uprising spanning may systems - Own agenda. [b]Civilians[/b] - (RunsWithLego) - Vast Horde - to be found everywhere, desperate for help and constantly getting in the way of bullets.

[b]The Azure Guard[/b] (NPR - Warhead) - Small Force - Own Agenda - Xenophobic [b]Adamas Ranger Corps Delta[/b] (Ranger S2H) - Small Force - Gunrunning and Technology Espionage for Hire [b]The Pirates of Charybdia[/b] (NPR, Arkbrik) - Merc Force for Hire [b]The Cowboy Bandits[/b] (Kiemaster) Small raiding Forec for Hire. [b]The MEC[/b] (White Ops) - (aoffan23) - Small Force [b]Space Ninjas[/b] (NPR-Natalya) - Small Force [b]Gludavian Raiders[/b] (NPR-Natalya) - Small Force - Raiders, Own Agenda [b]Robomas interstellar DOOMacrats[/b] - (RunsWithLego) - Small Force (Trades in Dial'O'Death weapons) [b]DroidCo[/b] - (RunsWithLego) - Small Force, Own Agenda [b]The Order[/b] - (Candlejack Alt) - Peach Haters, Small Elite Force? [b]Athraithes/the P.M.S.R.T[/b] - (Solvess) - Peach Haters, Small Force Squidhead Dominion - (Swordsalmon) - Small Empire, up for negation and deal-striking [b]Kraken Guard[/b] - (Asterios) Playboy Mercs in it for the Drama, money isn't important, they have principles and stuff.