The Necronobrikon

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The Necronobrikon is the sacred tome of the BrikThulhu cult. It contains the horrifying truth of how the universe really works, and it is said that every minifig who reads it will go mad from the revelation. The Necronobrikon was written in the 1,995th Galactik Revolution by Abdul Alhazray, the Mad Hawk. Shortly after finishing the book, the author mysteriously disappeared, presumed dead. However, new versions appeared in the 1,998th, 2,001st and 2,005th Galactik Revolution, suggesting that it is not dead, that which eternal lies, and through strange aeons even death may die.

The current fate of Abdul Alhazray is subject of much speculation. Some say that he is being tormented by Dimmies as punishment for his crimes. Other think that his soul has been shattered into a thousand pieces, who are forced to wander the Far-Ums forever. Most terrible of all is the rumour that he is working on yet another version of the Necronobrikon, one that will dwarf all the others and cause great turmoil in the universe (like it needs more of that).