The Only Order

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The Only Order believe themselves to be the only civilization in the BrikVerse; anyone not part of their empire is simply rebel scum. They also believe nothing existed before the foundation of the Only Order. Since the Only Order was founded like, three years ago, this belief is often challenged.

Only Order members get very uncomfortable around stuff like history books, dinosaur fossils, archeological artifacts, and old people, turning violent against anything that intrudes on their worldview.

Nevertheless, the Only Order use plenty of equipment from the old Space Wars (which they deny ever happened), like DIE fighters and ATATA walkers.

Stylo Ken is the undisputed leader of the Only Order. A powerful user of the SnarkSide of the Farce, everything is a joke to Stylo. He's the only one who finds the joke funny, though he never seems to laugh. The cross-guard design of Stylo's beamsaber is of questionable defensive value, but it does make it look bigger than other people's beamsabers.