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The Mighty Pesgores of Lisboa is the President of Godovia, a small state where the predominant religion is Triangleism.

At least one BrikWarrior agreed that he was one of the best of the early original Battle Reporters, losing only to Moronstudios (who deserved the title, completely).

He named the concept of Cowvalry in R. 2,009.


Pesgores claims to be the founder of the Triangular faith, a.k.a. The Geometric Cult of Doom. This claim remains unchallenged by the mysterious The Wizard, whom history records as the actual founder of this religion.

Pesgores is respected by his Triangleists, but every non-Triangleist hates him. But who cares, he is the TRIANGULAR POPE. Pesgores hates those who fight on battlefields without baseplates. He occasionally tries to fool people into thinking otherwise by saying "I loved this battle", but everyone knows he's lying.

Other Names

Pesgores has a lot of names:

  • Pesgores
  • Persogores
  • Pegasaurus
  • Pezzy
  • Pedro Godinho
  • Pag
  • BobaFett95
  • The Cute Little Portuguese Kid
  • Pope of Angularity
  • Triangle Meister
  • God (in his own mind)