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The dual planets of Venice are the combined capitol planets of the The Police State of Venice.

Basic info


Location: Barely outside the Akkadian sphere of influence

Type: Water world connected by floating highways called "Canals"

Size: large X2

Resources: Large amount of fish, illicit technology, and mafiosi

Controlled by: The Police State of Venice

Inhabitants: Humans, Squidheads, Fish


The Dual Planets of Venice were merely a pair of synchronized orbiting water planets near the center of the Old Roman Quadrent, they were two unassuming colony worlds through most of Roman Expansion. At the height of their decadence and corruption, they took upon themselves a project of connecting the two with a giant Space Elevator. The overseer of the project, a Senator named William, began a rebellion with the help of several conspirators, using the Space Elevator as their base of operations. After I highly successful campaign of conquest, almost all of the military power and former territories of Old Roma had fallen under the control of Il Doge and his advisers.


The Planets are mainly water covered, with the few islands having massive floating cities stemming from them. These cities are connected by floating super-highways called "Canals". It possesses no natural lunar bodies, but Near Venezia does have a pile of corpses and wreckage the size of a small moon orbiting it.

Places of interest

The Cathedral of Syndicate Ascension The Mega-Space Elevator that connects the two planets. The Eye of The Storm The combination of a Capital City, Fortress, and Palace for the Doge, it is at the center of the Cathedral, where both ways are up.

Recent history

Venetian-Kalmar War