Yellow Sector Conflict

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Bavarian Policy Change

  • A civil war rages on as Kaiser Otto Von Bavaria is assassinated. Though Otto wanted to seize the throne of Uberkaiser of the Third Alliance, his son Klaus swears loyalty to Piltogg. A civil war is fought for a few months.

Battle of the Maren Top Thread

  • Viscount James DeSilva is captured by Bavarian and Fynnish troops.

Death to Britannia

  • Viscount James DeSilva is executed by Kaiser Klaus and Britannia's Capital City (Pendragon) is hit with a FLEIJA. Queen Victoria V is revealed to be an Immortal.

Into the Dragon's Teeth Top Thread

  • A group of Britannians rush Bavarian lines before Silvadream intervenes.

Self Destruction

  • Byron DeSilva's powers are explained and he goes on a rampage.

Blasted Hulls

  • Britannian and Bavarian fleets engage.

BrikwaRPG Top Thread

  • Kaiser Klaus, Silvadream and a group of Mercenaries face the empowered Byron DeSilva.

Cheese 'n Chikin Bar in the Yellow Sector

  • Kerrick brings Master Chef to fight with Blut against a pwny incursion.

General Blut's Expedition

  • General Blut and his team of Mercs fight against a pwny incursion.

The Chain of Command and an Alliance of Friendship

  • Kaiser Klaus makes an alliance with the Pwnies and Von Klaus returns from a battle with the TLA.

The King of Three

  • With Bavaria now at war with the Trattorian Empire due to pwnies, Kaiser Klaus subjugates the Silvarian Empire and Britannian League. A shovel is predicted to turn the tides of this War.

The Trouble with Shoville

  • A bunch of Trattorian misfits go on a mission to steal an artifakt from a Bavarian-Occupied town.

I did not see that coming

  • Kaiser Klaus is kidnapped by Space Nazis, only to be rescued by a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, a Space Piltogg fleet is repelled by Boris the Blade and the Shovel.

Second Battle of New York

  • The AN liberates New York, despite Bavaria unleashing hell.

Chasing Rainbows Part III

  • Bob of the TLA sends a message to Kaiser Klaus about the pwny conspiracy. Kaiser Klaus reacts accordingly

A Lovely Picnic Top Thread

  • The Bavarian Children go on a Lovely Picnic. Only two survive.

God's in his Heaven

  • The Space Mafia assists Kaiser Klaus in intimidating the Brwnie agents. They deliver Angels to Praetorian, Scythian and United Systems Alliance ports. The price of these Angels is billions of Silvarian lives.

The Wedding Plan

  • The Royal Family decides on a battle plan and Scheisse (the captured Space Piltogg officer) is killed. Prinz Karl Gustav is to be married to Il Duchessa of Venice.

A Very Bavarian Wedding

  • Karl Gustav is married and Prinz Klaus Jr. is killed by mafiosos.

Dream of Revenge

  • Kaiser Klaus reveals his true plan to Prinzessin Amelie. Klaus Junior's phylactery is stolen by Silvadream. Quantum Surfers are revealed. Overwatch claims he murdered Otto Von Bavaria. The mysterious stranger that saved Kaiser Klaus from the Space Nazis reveals himself to be Levi Zipps, a Proto-Elite-Time-Travelling Super Jew. Amelie rescues the remains of Klaus Jr. Kaiser Klaus launches an assault on a Silvadream controlled b-planet. He saves the brikverse from being tinfoiled but accidentally causes the B-planet to go forward thousands of years into the future. Kaiser Klaus, Byron DeSilvadream and his jewish forces are trapped, all according to Levi Zipps' plan. Fortunately, a Bavarian mage named Vanderheim is able to escape with Junior's phylactery. Kaiserin Renate takes control of Bavaria.

Return of the Rats

  • With a peace settling, the royal heirs to the Bavarian throne grow restless. Each of the three begin to plot for their takeover.