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Dominion of Ruin
Transdimensional Hellspawn
Tek Level 7
Multiple dimensions and spectrum
Notable People
Dark Gods

Ruin is a concept and ideology within the Brikverse that is expressed in many different ways amoung it's minifig followers. Most notably to be a servant of Ruin is to possess the will and desire to mess up, wreck, and otherwise destroy that which others have created. Spanning from individual posessions to entire worlds, their goal, or more accurately their reason for existence is to undo all that is good, just for the sake of it.

Each Ruinous Warband worship at least one "Dark God". avatars and figureheads that represent the forces of destruction, angst, terror, rage, bloodlust, and other cheery things. They are far from a united force however, as the namesake of "Ruin" simply refers to the broad range of various ill-doers. The forces of Ruin are just as likely to fight amoungst each other as they are to turn their attention to the rest of the Brikverse. Each Warband generally has at least one Dark God which they serve, but it is possible for multiple groups to serve the same God, and be allies, or rivals of one another.

There are no rules in the Domain of Ruin. Only Chaos and Madness

Armies of Ruin

  • Black Legion, Servants of Chernobog, Dark God of Angst, Rage and Destruction
  • The Purge, Servants of the Rotfather, Dark God of Disease, Mutation, and all things Disgusting


Ruin is an analog to Chaos from Warhammer 40k, Much like how the Brootalz are to the Greenskin Orks