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Monolith Imperiya
Battleplate Empire
Tek Level 7
HQ: Fort Khrabrost
The First Echelon
Bratva, Black Legion. Savages & Barbarians
Notable People
Leader: High Command
Several Commanders, Officers & Heroes

Artwork by Ninja_Bait

The Monolith Imperiya /Mo-no-lith Im-peer-iya/ (Monolyth Script: Монолитная Империя) is a faction from the Monolith Battleplates and is considered to be the largest and most powerful of the known factions of the realm. Much of their identity was drawn and created from the former Galacian Imperiya, from which it also gets it's name.

Imperiya Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
White Black Orange Smoke Light Blue Orange


The Imperiya is as old as the realm itself, or so old that no one really remembers when, where or how it started. It was believed to be started by a powerful individual with godlike powers, not unlike how the Vorhut had started.

But somewhere along the line the Imperiya had taken the form of a Government of regular minifigs. In the later days, after the establishment and expansion of the power of the Anwar Council, the Imperiya had begun to act in contradiction to the general rule of the Central administration. Dozens of plate cities in the southern clusters that had benefited directly from the protection and governance of the Imperiya faction had elected to declare total independence from Anwar. And going forward would only interact with the Anwar Council on the matters of trade or foreign diplomacy.

Prior to the events of Ragnablok, The Imperiya had become embroiled in a competition with another entity in the North doing similar things as they, the Bratva, or "Brotherhood" was an organization dedicated to creating a realm that was open and free of Harsh rule. It's entire reason for existence was to spite and contradict the Imperiya. The two groups battled for ages, and their conflict created much of the world the Monolith Realm is known for today

Ethos & Objectives

The Imperiya is an age old establishment. Promoting the ideals of law and order throughout the realm and to build a prosperous and glorious civilization

Out of all the factions of the Monolith Battleplates, with the exception of the city-states themselves, Imperiya is the most concerned with establishing a permanent dominion and maintaining a government over civilians. The reasoning not out of a desire to be bureaucratic or benevolent. But out of a paranoid agenda to maintain security and order throughout the cities to keep the minifigs docile, and otherwise not joining Gangs or Cults. Imperiya goes so far as to train militias of villages and towns to police the regions it can't be bothered with.

Imperiya seeks to fight the forces of disorder and mayhem. But at the same time, opposes any group that may challenge it's position. Fighting against savages, gangs, and other armies for sport. Their engineers constantly create war machines and weapons out of raw materials scavenged from the wastes, and scientists occasionally make portals to raid other dimensions.

Imperiya is also notorious for employing locals from towns and villages, and training them into auxiliary security forces. All with the intention of spreading "Order" throughout the world with as many allies as possible.


See:Monolith characters

The Monolith Imperiya had traditionally followed the rule of a single "Emperor", for which the Imperiya got it's name. However for reasons unknown, the Imperiya has been without a central leader for a very long time. The very symbolic throne that was sat upon by the emperor, is not only vacant, but outright dissapeared. Yet the mission of the entity remains unchanged. It is generally accepted that Two individuals sit atop of the Empire's leadership. Sergachev and Varone, who more or less hold equal power and issue orders through the help of other commanders and officers in the chain.

The inner workings of the group are largely unknown to the outside world. But many beileve the Imperiya's appearance power is a facade, and that it is a fragile tinderbox ready to start fighting with itself. Many of the troops and officers of the group have formed their own cliques, clubs and subfactions. Many are also defectors or converts from other factions, existing or absorbed. And their loyalties may lie more with their old officers than the Imperiya at large


Imperiya has two main divisions.

  • Armiya - The Ground Forces, the conventional Army using heavy vehicles and massed ground assaults against the enemies of their agenda
  • Flota - The Fleet Forces, Using Medium to large sized vehicles known as fleet ships to bombard ground targets, transport Marines over long distances over the plates, and do battle with other fleets in the void above the plates, The realm's equivalent to space


The Imperiya Armiya is experienced, sophisticated, and uptight. Deploying large units of Regular, Veteran, Elite and Special Forces soldiers. And lots of heavy Armor and transports.

Refer to the Battleplate Statistics chart for an explanation on the terms that will be referred to in the notes

Armiya Troops

Regular Units

Unit Notes
Grreg (1).jpg Troopers a decentley equipped, and trained, albeit poorly motivated conscript force that makes up the bulk of Imperiya Occupations. They are equipped with basic pulse weaponry like light rifles, squad level machineguns, RPGs and grenades. They are expected to do little more than take or defend simple objectives.

Grreg (3).jpg Weapons Specialist specialist unit that are apart of the Regulars. Bringing a big weapon like a heavy machinegun or heavy RPG to boost a squad's firepower.
Grreg (4).jpg Field Teks support units that maintain defenses, and repair vehicles

Grreg (5).jpg Officer Command units who are usually in charge of a few platoons. Usually subordinate to a Senior Officer who'd be in charge of an entire battle.
Grreg (6).jpg Senior Officer Senior command units who are usually some kind of Colonel or General, and often the first in command of all units involved in a battle

Veteran Units

Unit Notes
Grreg (7).jpg Assault Troopers Veteran assault troops sporting newer, more advanced equipment, specialized training and tactics
Grreg (8).jpg Assault Vanguard Troopers Specialist assault troops that carry heavier weapons suited for direct assaults
Grreg (9).jpg Heavy AT Team Anti-Tank team using a guided missile system capable of pulverizing armor from afar with the "Slag" Missile
Grreg (10).jpg Bulwark Troopers Situational urban assault troops carrying massive ballistic Shields normally used in urban assault

Elite Units

Unit Notes
Grreg (11).jpg Shock Troopers The Most Elite of the frontal combat units that are not considered to be part of any Special Force group.
Grshock (3).jpg Vampir Team Elite Shock unit's signature Anti Vehicular Weapon is the Vampir, a devastating matter disintegrating warp cannon, the pinnacle of Troop portable pulse weapons.
Grirreg (1).jpg Dragoons Jetpack blasting, shotun toting Bruisers who's job is to crash into enemy lines, shoot boomsticks and throw grenades, and get the hell out
Grirreg (2).jpg Desolator A Cruel and Unusual weapon of war, the Desolator employs a chemical weapon capable of melting or completely disintegrating ABS into nothing but goo. The Desolator is equally effective against Troops, Vehicles and Structures, but is deployed rarely, often due to the dangerous nature of the weapon, if blown up he'd likely waste many friendlies in the area.

Special Forces

Unit Notes
Grshock (5).jpg VDV the VDV are deployed from Gunship or VTOL , usually behind enemy lines to raise hell before a main operation
Grirreg (3).jpg Stalkers Special Forces troops made of the toughest sons of bitches available to the Armiya.
Grshock (7).jpg Stalker Specialists Stalker Weapon Specialists, Long range heavy sniper rifles that can punch holes in a tank, and Hulking heavily armored machinegun berserkers
Grshock (4).jpg Psionik Initiates


Samoyed Heavy Truck
Samoyed.jpg Size: ~ Armor: ~
Drive Core: ~ Crew:


Special Components:




Weapon Type Skill Range Damage
Grenzer III Armored Car
Hunter.jpg Size: 4" Armor: 2d10 The Grenzer III is an armored off-road vehicle used as a personal transport for small units.

It has a single swivel mounted machinegun on it's roof. And can carrry up to 5 minifigs

As it's name implies, it is the third iteration of the vehicle, previous versions were not off-road capable, and came in a different color scheme

Drive Core: 2x3 Redblock

(16" >>)


1 + 4

Special Components:




Weapon Type Skill Range Damage
Swivel Machinegun Automatic Bastard gun 3+1A 14" 1d6+1
Grenzer V Armored personnel Carrier
Samoyed.jpg Size: ~ Armor: ~
Drive Core: ~ Crew:


Special Components:




Weapon Type Skill Range Damage
Kodiak II Medium Tank
Kodiak2.jpg Size: 4" Armor: 3d10 The Imperiya Kodiak is a medium Alliance Template battle tank that the Imperiya has perfected over time and managed to produce a lot more of than any other equivalent out there.
Drive core: 2x4 Redblock (15" >>) Crew: 3 Special Components: None Cost: 20CP
Weapon Type Skill Range Damage
D1-0T Gun Explosive Cannon 4 20" 2d10
Krylov Tank MG Automatic bastard gun 3 14" 1D6+1