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Magikal Planet
BrikVerse, Perwar Sector
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Eastfold Isles

Planet Medivo (recorded in the galactic databanks as #37563) is a small, Earth-like geoid in the Perwar Sector. It resembles Earth both in size and geology; however galactic factions only show little interest towards it as its core has a unique kind of radiation: said radiation renders all high-tek reactors and engines useless, thus making orbiting impossible. Nevertheless the planet surface can still be accessed via magikal means, such as dimensional portals or warp rifts.

Aforementioned unique radiation is also responsible for putting regular teknologikal advancements to a grinding halt, hence the natives are stuck at a medieval/early renaissance teklevel. The planets' inhabitants live similar to the ancient royal bloodline’s descendants albeit the two share no real connections; while some forces and factions resemble those of the age of modern dragon’s ones, it’s all coincidental.

Medivo currently has three known continents:

Westeron, located at the South-West; governed by various forces and factions.

Northeros, up in the North-East, here the majority of minifigs are under a unified rule, known as the Empire.

Midran, part of the same landmass as Northeros, but it is geographically separated by mountain ranges. It is divided equally between Lady of Vengeance, the Hollows in the Wrath, and the Second Kingdom to the South West.

Not much is known about the third continent, aside from it being known as the Eastfold Isles, and the fierceness of its barbarians and the might of its Dragon Guard.

Several smaller isles (and potentially other continents) may exist as well, although they are not very well documented, as all continents' inhabitants are locked in constant conflict. As such, diplomacy between continents is non-existent/limited.

The Inhabitants of Medivo

Medivo is populated by many different races of minifigs, almost all of them can be found anywhere in the galaxy. Aside from regular minifigs (who often give themselves the title ’humans’, and are the dominant species), there are a multitude of sub-species that can be found, including:

Beastmen: one of the lowliest lifeforms, they are minifigs with animalistic features. They appear in multiple shapes and forms, from wretched furbeasts to mighty minotaurs; even the rather dubious cyclops are considered as beastmen. Most of them inhabit the South-Eastern corner of Northeros, known as the 'Amazon Patch': a lush, verdant jungle basin. However, some nomadic tribes, mostly bullmen, wander the Bone Wastes of the West. Savage and feral, they have issues with being organized, thus they did not pose much of a threat so far.

Dwarves: Dwarves are short, stout, and possess such qualities as fascination towards ale, inventive nature, greed etc. Dwarves typically consist of seventeen main organs: The beard, the boozehole, the gratuitous Scottish accent and an axe. They were the first to discover gunpowder and explosives, which they shared with the humans. They are in an alliance with them since everyone else would be worse. Dwarves originate from 3 clans, each distinguished by their beard color: The Crimsonbeards (red), The Oakbraids (brown), and The Ironguts (black).

Elves: Elves are ancient and rather secretive, just as in all fantasy settings. They do not differ much from regular minifigs, though males seem to lack facial hair. Two types are distinguished: High elves, who rule the North-Eastern corner of Medivo, including the Evergreen Woodlands and beyond; and Amazon elves, who are more tribal and known for their fierce females. They are an ancestral vanguard who have driven out the beasts of from the Evergreen Woodlands centuries ago and sworn to keep the feral threat contained inside the Amazon Patch. Elves, Dwarves, and the Empire together form the Alliance of Northeros.

Orks (strictly with a k): orks don’t really differ from space orks, some even think that they are nothing more than descendants of a once crash-landed warband of space orks. They lived in the Western Wastelands along other beastmen, however, recently they have been launching numerous campaigns against the Empire of Northeros. Orks are destructive by nature, and they believe in various supernatural forces, ranging from shamanism to demon-worship. They are also naturally attuned to magik. Orks are allied with larger greenskins known as trolls, it is still a matter of debate whether they’re a mutated orks, or a completely different species. Nevertheless, they provide some additional brawn for the hordes.

Undead: while not really a race, it is worth mentioning that on Medivo, for some reason, dead do not always stay dead. Although they appeared in the past, the undead hordes only appeared in great numbers when the rogue majistik Malekim visited Medivo. A lot of the current wars and conflicts stem from the undead rising.

This is far from a complete summary of all the colorful and violent species that inhabit the lands of Medivo.

Factions and Forces

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Medivo History

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Maps of Medivo