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Magikal Planet
In the center of the Realm
Key Resources
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Various Factions
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Medivo is a vast and mysterious Planet. Many wars and storylines have been fought upon this planet. It resides almost in the dead center of Realm Medivo, and as it is the most common and explored planet, it has been named Medivo. No one knows the true scale of operations upon this planet, there are many continents, and small islands. Nobody knows how many factions, or peoples, or locations there are on this seemingly endless planet. As with all planets in the Realm, no teknology seems to work here. No scanners, no SHIPS, no nothing. Nobody knows why, it is a mystery that has stretched for eons.

Locations across Medivo

Westeron, located at the South-West; governed by various forces and factions.

Northeros, up in the North-East, here the majority of minifigs are under a unified rule, known as the Empire. If you are interested in the major characters of Northeros, visit Northeros Characters.

Aslantaine, somewhere across the sea, Aslantaine boasts of its ability to fight off the various Dark LordsTM.

Midran, part of the same landmass as Northeros, but it is geographically separated by mountain ranges. It is divided equally between Lady of Vengeance, the Hollows in the Wrath, and the Second Kingdom to the South West.

The Inhabitants of Medivo

Medivo is populated by many different races of minifigs, almost all of them can be found anywhere in the galaxy. Aside from regular minifigs, there are many different fantastical societies which oftentimes create their own factions and lead their own troops in battle.

Beastmen: The name Beastmen has become somewhat of a slur for those who carry animalistic features. No one knows for sure where these fantastical creatures come from. They are in so many different shapes and sizes, from Fauns to Minotaurs, Centaurs to even the mighty Cyclops. These Beastmen are not allied permanently, they seem to pick and choose, based on their morals and or the price...

Dwarves: Dwarves are short, stout, and beer laden. They stay hidden, rarely do they come out of their hiding, but when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Elves: Elves are ancient and rather secretive, just as in all fantasy settings. They do not differ much from regular minifigs, though males seem to lack facial hair. Their love for the Magiks and incredible agility has become a staple of their race. They tend to ally with the alliances of men, and rarely side with the forces of Darkness.

Orks (strictly with a k): orks don’t really differ from space orks, some even think that they are nothing more than descendants of a once crash-landed warband of space orks. They lived in the Western Wastelands along other beastmen, however, recently they have been launching numerous campaigns against the Empire of Northeros. Orks are destructive by nature, and they believe in various supernatural forces, ranging from shamanism to demon-worship. They are also naturally attuned to magik. Orks are allied with larger greenskins known as trolls, it is still a matter of debate whether they’re a mutated orks, or a completely different species. Nevertheless, they provide some additional brawn for the hordes.

Undead: while not really a race, it is worth mentioning that on Medivo, for some reason, dead do not always stay dead. Although they appeared in the past, the undead hordes only appeared in great numbers when the rogue majistik Malekim visited Medivo. A lot of the current wars and conflicts stem from the undead rising.

This is far from a complete summary of all the colorful and violent species that inhabit the lands of Medivo.

Factions and Forces

Statistics of all warring factions in Northeros can be found in the Encyclopedia Medivo.

Medivo History

For history and lore of each known continent, visit Medivo Battles.

Maps of Medivo