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BrikWars Terminology

Like other forums, the BrikWars forum has developed its own insular jargon that can be mystifying to outsiders.



Based on Warhead's nickname for Pandoranuker, permanently banned in the early years of the forum for engaging in this very practice. Pedonuking is the act of trashing someone else's established stories and characters without permission to make your own story seem more important.



Creationism is a form of reactionary hipster elitism with the goal of alienating and ostracizing new or casual players based on their Stockism and Vanillainy.

Greebles Greebles is a term that the entire LEGO community utilizes to describe extra careful detailing on a (LEGO) creation. Here's an example of Greebles.

Piltogg "Piltogg," although already listed under Wordfilter, is a the Forum's noun and/or adjective used to describe anything correlating to the Third Reich. As a wordfilter, it censors the words, "Hitler," and "Nazi" (both singular and plural adaptions of the word).

Stockism and Vanilism Two terms coined by the scribe Kastrenzo, they are defined by him as follows:

Open quote.png
Stockism and Vanilism are similar concepts of belief that apply to Creations and the Minifigs that create them.

Stockism is the belief that "The Designers" are the only beings worthy of making ABS Creations, and that anything that deviates from the bags of which their creations are birthed from, is blasphemous at best. Followers of stockism generally do not believe in creativity or originality.

  • Stockism Is the belief that minifigs, vehicles, weapons, and structures created by "The Designers" are sacred, And should not be changed as Originality and Creativity is evil.
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Scribe Kastrenzo

Book of Wordfilters

  • alot = alot
  • Astarte = Easter
  • Blitzen, distinguished Owner of the English Language = Biz
  • Cult = Cat
  • Dapper = Gay
  • Goatse anus = Quote tunnel
  • I am retarded = Grammer
  • My floppy penis = Tarren
  • My Little Ponies = Chuck Norris
  • On like Bonn-O-Tron. - On.
  • Penis = Pony
  • Piltogg = Nazi, Hitler
  • Pr0n = Porn
  • Razgrizzly = Furry
  • Saturnalia = Christmas
  • Spam = mbt
  • Sphincter = Splinter
  • Superb Owl = Super Bowl
  • Thesnuggly = Therapy
  • Travesty = Travis
  • Weird penis = Spiderman
  • Yo Ho Ho = Wordfilter