Zupponn Mining Co.

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Zupponn Mining Co.
Astro-Mining Black Ops
Tek Level 5-6
Controls many asteroid patches and dominates the Green Transparent market
Immortal Alliance

Space Mafia

Third Alliance

Anti-Immortal Alliance


Notable People



One day, just outside the reaches of Scythian space, a ragtag group of heavily armored mercenaries landed on a patch of asteroids. When the Scythians investigated, they learned that the group was led by one known as Zupponn and they called themselves the Zupponn Mining Company. Zupponn claimed to be interested in studying the Green Transparent ore that resided in the asteroids, and the Scythians, feeling that the near-worthless material had little to no value to them, allowed them to go about their business.

It was not long before the ZMC had discovered a unique way to refine the ore and extract its latent properties. They started experimenting with the ore's applications in weapon development and soon they created Zupponn's personal power mace, which was powered purely by Green Transparent. This was followed by many other weapons and rapid expansion by the ZMC to other similar asteroid patches.

Deal With the Immortals

The ZMC was largely neutral in the politics of the Brikverse until the invasion of Fico by the Immortals. The Immortal Warhead contacted Zupponn and offered the ZMC a lucrative contract for the services of a large amount of ZMC mercs. The first few waves of the mercs were mostly donned in a wide variety of heavy armor and armed with an even wider variety of weapons, but it wasn't long before the ZMC's current Black and Green Transparent color scheme was adopted.

Some Original ZMC Mercs

The Allied Nations

When the Allied Nations popped up in G.R. 2012, the ZMC was included even though they technically weren't a nation. The potential for a quick profit was seen and the ZMC offered military services to the AN in exchange for a great deal of money and resources. Through this relationship, the ZMC became involved in the Avalonian Conflict and the subsequent Menggu Revolution and also used its position within the AN and its recent gain in resources to claim a virtual monopoly over the Green Transparent market.

With all that behind them as the AN has since been destroyed, the ZMC is constantly looking for opportunities to make more profit and expand their operations. Expansion has already begun in Green Transparent reactor technology, which should be very big in the ZMC's future.

The ZMC Army

Shady Dealings

There have been rumors running around about shady business practices by the ZMC. Multiple competing GT manufacturers have fallen on hard times as of late and most, if not all, of the competitors have had similar stories. One had it's main drilling platform fail for months on end, while another's shipments always got lost in transit. A third corporation had its whole executive staff blown up by a suicide bomber. The stories only get worse from there, but in all of them small and sometimes missed links to the Space Mafia can be found. Speculation is that there is some kind of business deal going on between the two entities, and on some planets the Mafia is the only way to acquire GT.

New Findings

Most recently, the ZMC was set upon by a strange Green Transparent blokbot, which they immediately captured for study. After taking it to the nearby ZMC outpost, a strange being calling himself Nnoppuz was released and he attacked a ZMC commander. Luckily, the situation was resolved by the timely intervention of Zupponn himself.

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