BRIKWARS is the building brick combat system that throws the peaceful worlds of construction toys into glorious mayhem!

Build your own armies, vehicles, and monsters in an all-out war for toy supremacy, with a robust system to unleash the inner destruction toy of whatever you create. If you can build it, you can bring it to battle in BRIKWARS!


Welcome back to the spooky season of October! Once again, all eyes of the Far Ums look to the Reports From the Field for the annual Halloween Hellhunt contest. This is the 12th year of the contest and again we are excited to see what battles you Brikwarriors can come up with! This year’s theme is Aliens. Always a popular choice for costumes and Brikwar battles alike, the presence of extraterrestrials is sure to make a situation more interesting. Battle submissions are open to everyone, so don’t be shy and join us in our celebration of our time-honored tradition. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!