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Brik'Wars (brik'wrz), n. 1. continuing open armed conflicts between various types of plastic building bricks and between factions within the same type of plastic building bricks - see PBB.  2. a fantastic minatures wargaming system concerned with simulating these conflicts - see The Official BrikWars Home Page.


Crossed Muskets

Book Zero - Introduction

Legal Disclaimer


Chapter Zero: Introduction
  0.1   A Brief Introduction
  0.2   Some Assembly Required
  0.3   A BrikWars Glossary
    0.3.1   PBB Terms
  0.3.2   Game Terms
  0.3.3   Some Notes About Points and Pips

Book One - Skirmish

Chapter One: BrikWars Basic Guide
  1.1   The Grand Overview
  1.2   Game Cycle
  1.3   The Trooper
  1.4   Basic Combat

Chapter Two: The Trooper's Arsenal
  2.1   Weapon and Equipment Charts
  2.2   Ranged Weapons
    2.2.1   Pistols
  2.2.2   Rifles
  2.2.3   Death Guns
  2.2.4   Explosives
  2.2.5   Archery
  2.2.6   Thrown Weapons
  2.3   Close Combat Weapons
    2.3.1   Bludgeons
  2.3.2   Blades
  2.3.3   Spears
  2.3.4   Axes
  2.3.5   Whips
  2.3.6   Fire
  2.4   Armor and Equipment
    2.4.1   Armor
  2.4.2   Equipment
  2.5   Creating New Weapons and Equipment

Book Two - Battle

Chapter Three: Advanced Combat
  3.1   Ranged Combat
    3.1.1   NearMiss Rules
  3.1.2   Skill Modifiers
  3.1.3   Attacking on an Opponent's Turn
  3.2   Close Combat
  3.3   More Ways to Die
    3.3.1 Cumulative Damage / Combined Fire
  3.3.2   Explosions
  3.3.3   Getting Smacked Around and Getting Trapped
  3.3.4   Bleeding
  3.3.5   Fire!
  3.3.6   Getting Stunned
  3.3.7   Rasslin'
  3.3.8   Poison
  3.3.9   Automatic Fire
  3.4   Moving Around
  3.5   Non-Combat Action
  3.6   Brik Physix
    3.6.1   Determining Mass
  3.6.2   Moving Objects Around
  3.6.3   Throwing Objects
  3.6.4   Dropping Objects
  3.6.5   Collisions

Chapter Four: Vehicles
  4.1   Building Vehicles
    4.1.1   Building the Chassis
  4.1.2   Outfitting the Vehicle
  4.1.3   Performance
  4.2   Vehicle Movement
  4.3   Vehicle Damage Resolution
    4.3.1   Subsystem Ker-Pow! Table
  4.3.2   Vehicle Ker-Pow! Table

Chapter Five: Buildings

  5.1   Building the Building
    5.1.1   ComputerBanx
  5.1.2   Power Supplies
  5.1.3   Outstanding Architectural Features
  5.2   Destroying Buildings

Chapter Six: Siege Weapons
  6.1   Mounting Siege Weapons
  6.2   Using Siege Weapons
  6.3   Siege Ranged Weapons
    6.3.1   Big Guns
  6.3.2   Missiles and Bombs
  6.3.3   Mass Drivers
  6.3.4   Cannons
  6.4   Siege Close Combat
    6.4.1   Siege Close Combat Weapons
  6.4.2   Siege Equipment and Armor

Book Three - War

Chapter Seven: Military Professionals
  7.1   Soldiers
    7.1.1   The Trooper
  7.1.2   Trooper Performance Modification
  7.1.3   Stupendous Feats
  7.2   Specialists
    7.2.1   Amazons
  7.2.2   Scouts
  7.2.3   Synthetix
  7.2.4   Slaves
  7.2.5   Pilots
  7.2.6   Mechanix
  7.2.7   Medix
  7.2.8   Technix
  7.2.9   Kamikazes
  7.2.10   Ninjas
  7.2.11   Heroes
  7.2.12   Champions
  7.3   Battlefield Organization
    7.3.1   Tactical Division


Supplement RV: Robotic Vehicles
  RV.1   Building the Torso
  RV.2   Propulsion Systems
    RV.2.1   Standard Propulsion
    RV.2.2   Alternate Propulsion
  RV.3   Robotic Limbs
    RV.3.1   Buying a Limb
    RV.3.2   Arming a Limb
    RV.3.3   Damaging Limbs
  RV.4   Control Systems
    RV.4.1   Robot Brains
  RV.5   Transforming Robots


Appendix A: The Tables
  A.1   Trooper Equipment
    A.1.1   Ranged Weapons
    A.1.2   Close Combat Weapons
    A.1.3   Armor and Equipment
  A.2   Siege Weapons
    A.2.1   Big Guns
    A.2.2   Missiles and Bombs
    A.2.3   Mass Drivers
    A.2.4   Cannons
  A.3   Modifiers
    A.3.1   Skill Modifiers
    A.3.2   Movement
  A.4   Military Specialists
    A.4.1   Minifig Stats


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Military Professionals
Robotic Vehicles
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