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The epitome of all evil in the Brikwars universe, Anoraks are dedicated to all things awful, lame, manipulative and worst of all, boring.

Anoraks are basically a variety of rules lawyer that dwell in feeding upon the anguish of other players trying to have fun playing Brikwars. They will use the great weapons of Brikwars, the many editions of rules and custom making clauses, as terrible weapons against not only enemy minifigs but also enemy players. You can expect an Anorak to insist that HIS interpretation of the rules is the correct one, regardless how obscure, outdated or stupid said ruleset IS.

There is a fine line between Anoraks and n00bs. The n00b is annoying by nature, with little capacity for self-control, while the Anorak actively chooses to be a spoilsport, making him a far more horrid variety of evil.

Note that most people considering using the Nuklear Option in order to secure victory for themselves, rather than simply to destroy everything as is natural and good, are Anoraks. It is not considered poor taste to mention the fact to anyone attempting to unleash Armageddon on the field with any conception of their own victory involved.