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The BrikVerse is a really big place, filled with an ever expanding and motley collection of not only ideas made manifest but also the diverse personalities that make them so. Scattered across the space of a billion worlds and the infinite expanse of alternate dimensions and nether regions, they appear to give voice to the conceptual thoughts that, in turn, give rise to the incredible realities that collectively help shape the future of BrikWars.


A BrikWarrior is a Human player of BrikWars. They have the option of participating on the Forum, the BrikWars Chat, and the BrikWars BrikWiki.


Characters are notable minifigs and other creatures that have played a part, or continue to play a part, in BrikWars Kanon.

Character Name Human Controller Known For
Aldric Bricksworn Quantumsurfer Lord High Wizard of the OAB
Brannigan Bricksworn Quantumsurfer Grand Master of the OAB
Dieter Stahlwald Kaplan Son of M-Throne Emperor
Evz Oknor Human Oknorian Alliance Leader
Kaiserin Siri Colette Kaiserin of Trattoria
Major Smith Natalya ASE Major
Orvar Steelsight Quantumsurfer Sons of Mim Leader
Vergilius Raskolnikov Arkbrik Megalomaniac Conquerer
Bob the Unbuilder Theblackdog President of the T.L.A.
Sackhead Scratch Assassinated Klaus Jr., tricked a Quantumsurfer
Adrian Human Mysterious Cyber-Samurai
Colonel Leizer Valiant Commander of the Bundeswehr's 10th Panzerdivision.


SigFigs are some of the most important characters in the BrikVerse and their deeds directly shape the narrative and canon of the community. As with anything BrikWars, their development and evolution as a whole is chaotic and subject the whims of individual players and the needs of their particular stories. Many display powers above and beyond the ken of anything in the BrikVerse, even the powers of some deities, but this is not necessarily a defined feature of all SigFigs. Their only truly defining feature is that they represent awesomeness and are of an epic disposition. This list is ever evolving.

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