Aquatian League

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Aquatian League
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TL 5
Small Empire
Pesconian Empire
Notable People

The Aquatian League is a relatively young nation, barley a hundread years old. It consists of a number of under-surface city states all joined together under a common leadership and a shared agenda. Populants of the Aquatian League city states have adopted to the harsh conditions of under water life by using a heavy extent of gene-manipulation and cybernetic implants. Also this in combination with life far away from the sun gives them their distinguished skin-tone,

Technologically the Aquatian League is ahead of the other nations in most areas but they do however suffer from a relatively small population which somewhat halters their ability to influence global politics.

Aquatian League Heavy Attack Submersible.

This craft is a heavily armoured craft and like most vehicles of the Aquatian League it uses protective shielding-tecnology aswell. It is armed with four arms each one mounting a Heavy Lance Weapon aswell as Harpoon Launchers. Its main combat purpose is approaching enemy fleet formations from below, grabbing an enemy craft then draging it back down below the surface.

These predatory submersibles proved terribly efficient against the Pesconian navy, especially early during the war before the Pesconians adopted its naval warfare to face a navaly superior enemy.

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