Atlantian War

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Atlantian War
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Emerian Empire,
under command of Major Romano

Assyrian Star Empire

Decisive Assyrian Victory

Assyrian Occupation of Emeria

Official First Contact between Emeria and Galaxia Nehellenium

Spread of the Space Mafia into Emeria


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Atlantian War

The Atlantian War was the conflict between the Emerian Empire and the Assyrian Empire over a world in Assyrian space that Emeria colonized before any Assyrian landing party did themselves. Emeria wanted to establish Atlantia as an Emerian outpost in Galaxia Nehellenium, whereas Assyria wanted to fill in their borders and expel the foreign Emerians from their land. The five years of the war were filled with entire fleets of Emerian and Assyrian fleets pounding each other in orbit while enormous armies of Assyiran and Emerian soldiers annihilated one another on the ground.

The War

Opening Conflicts

The path to war came when an Emerian colony fleet, full military guard included, left Emerian space through the use of a warpgate, traveled across the known Brikverse (at that time) and landed on the world of Atlantia in Assyrian space, with neither faction knowing of the other's existence. In Emerian fashion, the Emerians quickly spread across the planet, covering about half of it by the time a Assyrian survey crew arrived and okay'd the world for colonization.

Problems began immediately as Assyrian survey teams discovered interloping Emerians living in completely constructed and thriving cities on the world's surface. The Assyrians demanded the Emerians leave on pain of death, but (armed) conflict was averted (for the time being) with the ceding of several large cities and mineral rich provinces on the continent of Orion. An Emerian embassy was established in the now Assyrian city of Deloria, which was named the capital of Assyrian Atlantia, and an Assyrian embassy in Catatona, the capital of Emerian Atlantia. Territory disputes only grow and multiple.

Time to Throw Down