Black Crusade

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The Black Crusade is a major offensive and the latest in a series of wars between the Black Legion and the Stroiteliga Bratva "Also referred to as The League" in the Realm of Novomir.


The Conflict has seen a level of violence and ferocity not seen in the realm for ages. Entire plate worlds are reduced to rubble in massive artillery and bombing attacks by the Black Legion. League Militia have been in a steady retreat since the fall of the city of Vostok.

Territories conquered by the Legion are often laid to waste, the land is corrupted and most of which will never be safe to inhabit again.

In addition to heavy use of bombing and shelling, the conflict has seen widespread use of offensive magik.

After the fall of Vostok, The Armata Alliance, an ally of the League sent reinforcements to help stop the attacks. Despite being a rival of the League, the Slavonik Imperiya was prepared to intervene against this major Legion offensive, however an internal crisis occured in the Empire which saw many of it's client regions seemingly breakaway only to start fighting each other. Thus the League was abandoned to it's fate.