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The Story:

The Year is BR 2,017. In the lull following the great Galatic conquests of the Immortal War and the subsequent AN-TA war the Brikmason's carefully laid plans have finally come to fruition. For many years now, the Brikmasons have been infiltrating Star-Nations all over the Galaxy, they Control the Media, They are Owners of Major Corportations, They Control Mass-transportation, Industry, Agriculture, Energy-Production, and often even the Military. All this has gone on in secret for years, and only now are they choosing to use all of their influence and power to strike. They have cut ties with the star-nations they have stolen from, refusing to supply or produce the goods they normally do. TV stations now Broadcast "Fake News" Designed to influence the public towards the Brikmason's way of thinking. Major Cities have had their Power Cut, angering millions. Food from Rural Districts is no longer transported into these Major Cities, causing starvation and Civil Unrest. And many Military factories and instilations have been sabotauged or taken-over as well, severely inhibiting these Star Nations from fighting back.

[More Storyline to Be Added as Events Occur]

The Timeline:

Feb-March: The Brikmasons have begun their campaign of infiltration, and have taken control of manufacturing and energy production facilities. Fight Back!

April-May: Portals have begun to Open. Cities are Being Destroyed all over the Universe by all manner of Strange other-Worldly Creatures. Fight Back!

Jun-July: With most of the Portals Closed, it's time to take the fight back to the Brikmasons (Or to Assault back into a Portal)!

Aug-Sept: In the attacks against the Brikmasons HQ, secret intelligence files were discovered that indicate the reason they have been up to all of these nefarious deeds is to speed up the process of collecting the nine artifakts of pre-creation. They want to do this to Destroy the Universe! React Accordingly.

Oct-Nov: With the Artifakts Now in the possession of many different star-nations, and sides starting to form along the lines of pro-destruction and pro-creation, all out war breaks out across the Galaxy.

Dec: All of The Artifacts Have been gathered in close proximity on a Battlefield. Can The Allied Forces Stop them from Being Assembled and Pre-Creating the Universe?

On Kannon:

Ok, so basically the whole point of this campaign/story-arc is to build off of each other’s cannon to create an epic Brikwars Story. We don’t have anything planned out in advance as to what’s going to happen, so try to keep up to date on events as they happen and plan accordingly. Two people might bring the story in different directions, that’s ok. Just try to wing it as best as possible and come up with an explanation, e.g. actually only the stunt double of Hero X died in Battle Y. Also a lot of the plot devices from this storyline are taken directly from Quest of Piltogg. You guys have free reign to do anything with the involved characters, artifacts, and factions you like. I would like to keep two things sacred though: Dread Pirate Two by Two will stay alive and retain the Hook of Melting no Matter what, and The Grail Knight will retain the Skully Grail and stay alive no matter what. Those are both important for the Grand Finale/Conclusion to work out in an epic sort of way. Otherwise do whatever you want.

The Artifacts

Please Update Listings on this page if Artifacts Change Ownership The Nine Artifax of Pre-Creation

Pro-Universal Destruktion Factions:

Akkadian Empire

Anti-Universal Destruktion Factions:

Chronology of Events:

Sabotage on Settania