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From: Lord Warhead, Immortal Supreme Commander of Nehellenium

To: Azshuran Empire
Posted: Sun Jun 19, BR 2,011 2:11 pm
Subject: Re: the Azure Guard

If you're sure you really want to know.

Here goes...

After discovering the existence of the Brikverse the Immortals in secret sent a fifth column force through first that secretly made contact with many of the Brikverse denizens posing as weapons traders. They judged who were the most suitable to their needs for alliances and who were the most likely to defy them. They laid their plans and made their alliances in secret. They then ran supplies and weapons to the disaffected populations and gained their help in organising an uprising throughout the Empires of the stronger nations (Gamma Corps, Assyria, Scythia etc...) The battle Zombie Zulu Dawn was part of that.

They then sent a vast vanguard fleet commanded by Warhead (sig-fig) to gain a foothold in the Brikverse. The system FICO was a heavily defended system but fell to the surprise attack in days. Warhead was beheaded during the fighting but survived? Instead of dying his personality was splintered throughout the Brikverse and each grew into another Warhead. (Off shoot story: This was to justify why Warhead was appearing in everyone's battles but these splinters seek to conquer and reform by killing all the other splinters... split personalities, what's a mini-fig to do?) Anyway, the Immortal invasion destroys FICO entirely and starts using the debris to build a gigantic shipyard building infrastructure and system defences. They declare their intention of Brikverse conquest and their allies announce their allegiance to the cause in the hopes of furthering their own goals.

Despite many raiding forces in strength, the Immortals haven't broken out from FICO or taken any other systems, yet. Also, the Emperor with the main fleet has still to arrive.

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- Warhead

In the years since then, the Immortals have deployed Legions (see Immortal Legions) to begin the invasion of various star nations throughout the Nehellenium Galaxy and its satellite galaxies, with the ultimate aim of conquering the entire BrikVerse.

The Immortal War

Fico fell and was consumed entirely and it's peoples enslaved to make a ring of Space fortresses and Shipyards to protect the Foothold in the Brikverse. The Emperor and his Grand Imperial Fleet had already set out and would arrive from the wastes of deep space along a generated wormhole using a hideous combination of Immortal Infinity Tech(TM) and Black Hole Tech(TM) and a massive planet sized construction that would make the Ori spunk their thongs.

Meanwhile Immortal infiltration units, now well established continued to sow the seeds of discontent and rebellion and war raged throughout the Brikverse hampering all efforts to drive the Immortals out...

But, it was not all according to the Immortal Plan for the leader of the Immortal Vanguard Fleet, Warhead had suffered a devastating wound at the hands of Elmagnifico the fallen hero of Fico and his very Immortal Essence or Core was splintered and dispersed throughout Space and Time across the Brikverse leaving the Original Warhead nothing but a shadow of his former self. How this happened remains a mystery and died with Elmagnifico. The secret is well guarded by the Immortals who are frantically and vainly researching the cause to this day.

Each splinter naturally gravitated to the strongest and most appropriate beings within their limited reach. Even unlikely places such as the Negaverse were not immune. They took root inside the bodies they found themselves in and soon consumed them making multiple scattered Warheads, each one containing an equal amount of Warheads original power. Warhead's warlike nature asserted itself in each one and soon they each obtained positions of power and added to the strife in the Brikverse. And each one also knew that they must beat and consume their Warhead siblings in order to truly be THE Warhead.

The stage was set...

Timeline of the Immortal War

A little out of date.

Timeline of the Immortal War

Further History

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

The Original Warhead could not quest forth to kill and unite his splintered self as true to his duty he held the Beachhead at FICO for his Grandfather the Emperor's arrival. However, the splinters were not so hindered and they waged war on each other. Successful Warhead splinters gained power through conquest and domination consuming more and more splinters as they went. Until finally an almost complete Warhead sphincter emerged. He had originated on Medivo and had learned the craft of Necromancy well. His vast fleets carrying countless hordes of undead soon arrived on the outskirts of the Scythian Empire. Boneships laden with terrible seeds of destruction (as evidenced in Shadowscythes first short Border Patrol).

The Medivo Warhead sensed that the Scythian Empire were holding captive one of the last splinters he was seeking to consume. The Scythians were unaware of the cause of this new attack until they activated the splinter they held by accidentally exposing it to a living being, with predictable results. The many similarities to the emerging Warhead to their new foe were alarming. Many experiments were carried out unsuccessfully until one day the Boneships arrived near the facility which was overrun. The Lord Shadowscythe conducted the defense and fighting withdraw as the base was over run. It was by fates hand that the young Warhead sphincter escaped his bonds and fought alongside and saved Shadowscythe during the battle (see Brikfic: Betrayals). This was to mark a turning point as they soon became unlikely friends if not battle brothers. Together with many losses they repelled and later destroyed the attacking force and it's master. This made the relatively new Warhead THE most powerful Warhead in the Brikverse so far. But his all consuming rage to destroy and rule were tempered by the friendship he didn't fully understand so he focuses all his hate on the last sphincter. The original...

The Brikverse fractured and reeling from it's many wars could hardly amass an overwhelming force but what could be spared was gathered and under the leadership of Admiral Natalya thrown into the jaws of the Immortals defenses at FICO. As is always the case the main attack was a bloody diversion while a cunning covert collection of Heros and Warhead lead a lightning strike straight to the heart of the base, their objective to kill the Original Warhead. Natalya's using her usual tactical cunning and flare lead a Forlorn hope of Q Ships into the maelstrom of firepower. These slaved ships packed with armour, engines and anti-mater suffered the withering fire until they detonated in the teeth of the vast Immortal defenses. This opened a gap in the defensive fire allowing Natalya to launch her main attack and draw out the Immortal fleet to plug the gap. Both fleets savaged each other with missile, beam and ram in a torrent of vicious hate. Natalya pressed her fleet into knife like range of the Immortals knowing this would render their black hole weaponry impractical and evening the odds between them.

Battles of the Immortal War

Up to date as of May 2018.

Battles of the Immortal War


Envoys, meetings, and all that foreshadowing crap between battles.

Welcome to the Immortal Alliance

"If you would all turn to page 4001 of your "Welcome to the Immortal Alliance" pamphlet you will read edict 40:1:02a, and 40:1:02b...

Excerpt from Welcome to the Immortal Alliance

40:1:02a - The Immortals are sensitive to internecine wars between allied nations and will deal with all such situations with a refined over the centuries no-nonsense approach...

I think it was the Emperor himself that said it best in the first such instance...

The Immortal Emperor, R. 1,980: "...We know where you live..."

The edict goes on to say...

Those Nations found instigating old grudges in such a fashion as to harm Immortal interests and are identified as the guilty party then the lives of the ruling caste of that nation are forfeit as are their military High Command. If there should be any resistance it will be met with extreme prejudice at the hands of ALL the allied nations and the Capital planet will be razed. If one side can not be identified as the guilty nation then both suffer the same fate.

40:1:02b - IF however the nations involved fail to desist and hostilities continue then the people of that nation will suffer the same fate as their leaders as in 40:1:02a. As it is considered that if the rulers were weak and so have been executed but the situation persists, then the problem must be the people and the weakness inherent to that race and therefore extermination is the only recourse.

Obviously the Immortals take this sort of shenanigans very seriously"

Diplomacy in action

Karetsu: Background and stuff


Immortal Diplomacy

Oath of Fealty

Envoys of the Immortal War

Alliances & Forces

TODO: update and cleanup

Small Force: - This may also include large organizations that prefer to attack in small numbers.

Host/Uprising:- This includes minority groups across an Empire in various planets or a large scale army.

NPC/NPR: - Owned/created by a player as a second nation, often in opposition to their main faction. These are sometimes open for others to play or use in Forum Battles.

For the Immortal Empire

The Immortal Empire - (Warhead) Dominion Empire

Brittanian League (NPC - Lord Cromwell: Grand Admiral of the Black - Warhead, High Lord deSilva Admiral of the Yellow - Silverdream, High Lady ??? Admiral of the White - White Nun, High Lord Blackdog Admiral of the Blue - Theblackdog) - Cosmopolitan- Vast Empire - Free Trade situated in the middle of Brikverse converging all major trade routes. In a War with the Scythian Empire and Arms race of agression with the Assyrian Star Empire.

VOL (Tuefish) - Military Alliance - Empire

Time Travelling Super Jews (Cpt. Zipps) - Military Alliance - Empire

Akkadian Empire (Piltogg) - Military Alliance - Empire

The Tyronian Empire (Lt. Krus) - Military and Trade Alliance - Empire

Inquistadores (Bragallot) - Military and Trade Alliance - Empire

Hammersmith Empire - (Ham701) - Military Alliance - Empire

MAOX - (BFenix) - Military Alliance - Empire

Iron Golems - (NPC, Warhead) - Pledged Immortal Mercenaries - Small Empire

Trorc of Planet Kurvinia 6 (Lordofdragonss) - Trade/Military Alliance - Small Empire

Noob Crushers (samuelzz10) - Military Alliance Small Empire

The Glacier PMC (Tunasailor) - Military Alliance (Merc Force) Small Empire

Space Vikings (OneEye) - Military Alliance (Small Empire used for raids)

Coalition of Ajax-4 (RunsWithLego) - Military Alliance (Small Empire)

The Nobodies - (Naussica) - Military Alliance - Small Empire?

UNDF- (MasterEcabob) - Military Alliance - Small Empire - SUFFERING INTERNAL STRIFE - CIVIL WAR!!!

Tanaris Confederacy - (OREMAWESOME) - Military Alliance - Small Empire?

M.A.S.S. - (mgb519) - Military Alliance - Small Empire

Crimson Dawn - (Alex) - Small Empire

Shady Mercenaries - (The Honorable Leprechaun/Ex-Lep) - (Merc Infiltration Force, present at Fico)

Slashbob Slaughterpants and the bikini bottom death brigade (Silent-Sigfig - Merc Terror Force - HIRED BY IMMORTALS

The Universal Union - (501stCadians) - (Merc Raiding Force)

Survival Union - (Sloopofwar) - Medium Raiding Force, Conditional

Mad-Evils - (NPC - Massam) Military Alliance (Small raiding force)

Manly Men Brigands (NPC, Warhead) (Small Merc Force) MFS is now a member of The Immortal Family. 1st to be Immortalized in the Brikverse

Blacklist Mercinaries - (Lt Krus) Military Alliance for a fee - Small mercenary force

Green Rangers of Greeentoppol - (RunsWithLego) - Small Force

Atomic Unlimited - (GrafZeppelin) - The Count + Small Force?

Zupponn Mining Co. - (Zupponn) - Merc Force - HIRED BY IMMORTALS - Astro-mining black ops.

Ordo Orientium Flagrans - (Rev. Sylvanus) - Small Force (one planet) - HIRED BY IMMORTALS

ShapeShifter (ShapeShifter) - Amusing Cannon Fodder - Himself

Stoned and Drunk Mini-Fig haphazard Co-Op (Rody) - Just him and a few pals, in it for the luls... and bar snacks.

Against the Immortal Empire

Anti-Immortal Alliance

The Great Scythian Empire (Shadowscythe) - Vast Empire

The Gamma Corps (Elmagnifico) - Owned the first system to fall and lost the planet Fico. Battle to be done after ZZD. - Fractured Vast Empire

United Systems Alliance - (Silent-SigFig ) Vast (Democratic/Capitalist) Vast Empire

Assyrian Star Empire (Natalya) - (Advanced High Tech) - Own Agenda. Vast Empire.

The Arillian Commonwealth - (Dragonfire666666) - Large Empire

Praetorian Empire (Dilanski) Military Alliance - Empire

Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria (colette) - Large Empire

United Klingdom - (Valiant) (Democratic/Capitalist) Empire

Halkron Imperium - (james+burgundy) - Empire

The Empire of Briktopia (Apollyon) - Empire

FELC (Ross_Varn) - Immortal Termination Order for former alliance with Immortals, Empire

TSOC (Fredde) - Own Agenda, Large Empire

Silvarian Empire - (Silvadream) - Empire

Larscorp.® Industries - (Sizz-lor) - Corporate Empire - Weapons/Arms Dealers

The U.S. - (Alex) - Empire

Republic of Independent Nations - (Robot Monkey) Vast Empire - Bitter grudge against Immortal Invasion.

Diver Dudes - (NPR - Massam) - (Small Raiding Force) - Small Empire

Lesser Spacemen - (Sloopofwar) - Small Empire

M.U/Space Gangsters/Peaches of Ajax-4: - (RunsWithLego) - Small Empire

The evil corrupt slavers of Albion - (Magic Soap) - Small Empire

The Etruscan Kingdom of Pasta - (Jbgarrison) - Pro-Peach + Anti-Immortal, Small Empire

Galaxian Colonies of Razgrizia Armed Forces (Razgriz - 25th Inf) - Small Empire

Paladin Corps - (Enders_Shadow) - Small Empire.

Alliance Special Forces (Subyrally) Small Merc SpecOp Force

Post Apoc Survivors (Massam) mAd MaX sAm (Small Raiding Force, Survivors from the fall of Fico AND the Britannian Planet Praetoria)

The Duck Ninjas - (Paco, didn't know what else to call them) - Small force.

Sir Bragallot - (Bragallot) - (Very Small Raiding Force)

The Daleks - they are against everyone

Other Forces

Also covers Nations/Forces waiting to see what happens or Mercenaries that can join FOR or AGAINST at any time.

Ancient Worlds - (Many Players) - Many worlds haven't the technology or where-with-all to participate in the Immortal War unaided. That isn't to say they can't contribute as a steady supply of soldiers is always welcome. These planets are all scattered, have no way to contribute purposefully and are hopelessly unconnected and dispirit from one another but together would be considered a Dominion in itself.

NEGA-VERSE: A chaotic doppelganger parallel to the Brikverse, one day there shall be a reckoning. - Dominion

Deadly Spacemen (NPC but mostly a fractured group so it's anyone's guess) - Fractured Vast Empire - Own Agenda - Xenophobic, Mercs for Hire

The Swarm - (Asterios) - Vast Empire - Single minded xenophobic, they will consume all living forms in order to increase their numbers. No discussion no negotiation. Consume or die! - Kill on sight.

The BIN (Ross_Varn) - Large Empire

EMPIRE UNKNOWN (Warman45) - Empire - Own Agenda - Isolationist Xenophobic

Vergilius Raskolnikov - (Arkbrik) - Empire - Own Agenda, Tyrant

Space Commies (NPC - Cpt. Zipps) - Empire - Own Agenda

UPA (OneEye) - Fractured Empire - Isolationist

Fenian Raiders (SilvaDream) - Empire (Always Against Britannian) Own Agenda

RAG(formerly Glacier PMC) - (Tunasailor) - Empire

Neo-Prussian Empire - (Braggalot) - Small Empire

Star Daemons (NPC - Warhead - played by IVHorseman in ZZD) - Own Agenda, Mercs for Hire - Small Empire

UFAS - (Ranger S2H) - Still Debaiting - Small Empire

Czecho-Slovenian Republik (Natalya) - Small Federated Republic - Successfully revolted against ASE

Iceworld Of Krysto (IVHorseman) - Small Empire? (Psychotic) Up yours and eat my OTC like a Bitch Agenda. Hate Akkadians!

Army of the Damn Tech (Undead) - (PrimalAge) - Own Agenda, Small Empire

The Confederate Legion - (Olothontor) - Small Empire, Heavily Industrialized Infrastructure, site of some of the most advanced and extensive shipyards. Produces some of the best fleet units that exists.

Consortium (trebnos1) - Small Merc Empire? Own agenda, will hire out to any side in this war.

Space Rastafariens - (Silent Sig-Fig) - Small Smuggler Empire, will hire out to who ever they please at the time, so long as the pay is good.

The Free Enterprises - (Ogle) - Empire - LEFT TO DO OTHER THINGS, LIKE THEIR HAIR (And nails. Can't forget those manicures, ladies!).

Republic of Mauros (Cpl. Halan) - Small Empire, Gamma Corps Ally but now wishing to take on all comers, prone to psychotic episodes.

The Armorian Alliance - (Solvess) - Own Agenda, Small empire

Al-Kind-of (Capt Zipps) Xenophobic, Own Agenda -Small Empire

The Anachronists - (Alex) - Small Empire - Mostly harmless

The Wanderers-(Ogel)- Neutral Empire, as yet no side has given them reason to join.

Originators - (Asterios) - Ancient and mysterious race that can be arrogant and pompous to the younger races. To all other races they're like your dad when you where a teenager, that man is such a goober! - Small Empire as they're in decline?

The White Crusaders - (Sizz-lor) - Fledgling Empire, very small

Paladins against the Peaches - (NPC - beluga AKA: Pandoranuker, PedoNuker, PedoChild) - Hates Trattorian Empire and peaches, sworn to ignore immortal war and only focus on killing the peach race and its allies, Small Empire. If seen both forces will kill on sight.

Zombie Lincoln and the Danse Macabre. (NPR - Warhead) - Vast Horde Uprising spanning many systems- Own Agenda, Xenophobic

Dimmies of BoB (NPR) Vast Horde Uprising spanning many systems - Own agenda

Blokbots- (NPR, Sloopofwar) -Vast Horde Uprising spanning many systems - Own agenda.

Civilians- (RunsWithLego) - Vast Horde - to be found everywhere, desperate for help and constantly getting in the way of bullets.

The Shard (NPR - Ross_Varn) - Small Force - Own Agenda

The Azure Guard (NPR - Warhead) - Small Force - Own Agenda - Xenophobic

Adamas Ranger Corps Delta (Ranger S2H) - Small Force - Gunrunning and Technology Espionage for Hire

The Pirates of Charybdia (NPR, Arkbrik) - Merc Force for Hire

The Cowboy Bandits (Kiemaster) Small raiding Force for Hire.

The MEC (White Ops) - (aoffan23) - Small Force

Space Ninjas (NPR - Natalya) - Small Force

Gludavian Raiders (NPR - Natalya) - Small Force - Raiders, Anti-Assyrian Agenda

Robomas interstellar DOOMacrats - (RunsWithLego) - Small Force (Trades in Dial'O'Death weapons)

DroidCo - (RunsWithLego) - Small Force, Own Agenda

The Order - (Candlejack Alt) - Peach Haters, Small Elite Force?

Athraithes/the P.M.S.R.T - (Solvess) - Peach Haters, Small Force

Squidhead Dominion - (Swordsalmon) - Small Empire, up for negation and deal-striking

Zupponn Mining Co.** - (Zupponn) - Merc Force and/or Miners for Hire

Kraken Guard - (Asterios) Playboy Mercs for hire: They're in it for the Drama, money isn't important, they have principles and stuff.

Crystalline - (Evz)

Grimfrost Empire

Oknorian Alliance