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MAOX Founder

Leader of the Metal Warriors


Metal Warriors

Immortal Alliance

BFenix's adventures on Hellius

BFenix's adventures on Hellius

BFenix is a legendary warrior that passed his position as Emperor of the MAOX to carry on his destiny as Leader of the Metal Warriors and Protector of the Metal Realms.

He enjoys beer, Metal, friends and glorious conflict, often making illustrations of it. Once in a while, when he consumes enough Warhale (also created by him), he shows signs of awesome that end up as amazing ABS constructions.

BFenix's first ideas when he started his doings through out the BrikVerse were the same as most conquerors: Glory and Bloodshed, yet with a wise temper and careful planning. Thus his first deed was to found the Mercenary Army Of EXtermination, managing to get into the "big fights" between the mightier star civilizations while making good use of the BrikVerse's constant need of weapon and troop supply. The new and ever growing empire was already one of the head fabricators and researchers of weaponry and destructive teknology, yet, with the coming of the The Immortal War, prosperity boomed. The young conqueror joined Warhead and the Immortal Empire in their galactic crusade.

Yet, after the Fall of FICO, something changed. The Metal Powers were calling... Since then, BFenix stepped down from the ongoing war and went on a great quest to find a planet called Hellius. The events that took place there altered not just BFenix's, but many others lives completely, and soon, the whole BrikVerse would feel the change as Ragnablok draws closer with every passing second...

Warhead's personification of BFenix

Warhead's Warriors, Entry 8:

Armed with a highly accurate Bowcaster Energy Weapon, BFenix can prove deadly over distance. Strapped to his back, BFenix carries an assortment of close combat weapons such as the Broadsword and the Power Maul - not as deadly as the BanHammer, but you still wouldn't want to get in its way.