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The Metal Realms
Key Resources
Orange Transparent

Rainbow Mines

Treasure Hoards Metal

Controlled By
Metal Warriors

Hellions (Demons)


Undead (Living and dead servants)



Space Pirates

Space Ninjas

Space Vikings

Apoc Raiders


Key Locations


Various Steeliums

Hellius is an ancient planet created by the fusion of the awesome might of ABS and the Metal Gods will. For thousands of centuries it remained a smoldering and unstable rock, lifeless, left in a corner of the galaxy, due to an epic war battled in the heavens between Gods for its possession. Yet, when this conflict ended, the first sparks of energy and life were sprinkled and amazing creations came to be. Similar to Medivo, Hellius's core also emits pulses of the same type of strange and unknown radiation that interferes with advanced high-tek devices, yet, it is speculated that due to the great numbers of OT reserves on the planet, the surface and orbit are a bit more protected, unlike Medivo. Still, there exist some small "leaks" all over the planet's crust, explaining why not all civilizations on Hellius have evolved the same way or at the same phase.

Its still unknown how minifigs discovered Hellius, but they certainly were the right creatures to rock like hell and do the Metal Gods' bidding. Many greedy civilizations tried to colonize the planet due to its abundant rainbow and OT mines, but they didnt stay in it for long. Hellius is filled with wild creatures and electrifying mysteries, its very soul still shows signs of its wild and untamed spirit on some regions. There are amazing treasures scattered and guarded inside the infamous Steelliums, secret temples that exist all over the planet, built by the ancient Keepers. In one of these Steelliums, RAGE was guarded, to be found by its now current owner, BFenix. The planet's climate is similar to Earth's, incredibly varied with lots of different wildlife, foliage and terrain. In the middle of its natural beauty stand colossal, mighty fortresses and castles. These are the homes of Hellius most awesome habitants, the Metal Warriors.

There is a grand and wonderful city called Gladiah, that could be taken as the capital city of the MWs. Every year, all the clans gather at Gladiah for band battles, guitar pimping, concerts, big parties and several other activities, also, deep inside the city's gates lies The Portal a very ancient Keeper gateway that the MWs still haven't figured out how to use properly, but there is a theory that it allows one to make intergalactic travel.

Hellius has 2 moons, Ofiussa ("dead", no atmosphere) and Fenri (mid-sized, icy, cold as fuck, land of the huge Fenri Wolves) and it belongs to a small system of 5 planets, where only Hellius is densely habited. The other planets have other tales and secrets only the most elderly MWs know of. The whole system is normally known has The Metal Realms. The closest, well known, planet to Hellius is FICO. The "short" distance between the two planets shall prove an issue in the future.

Lots of important events took place at Hellius. Skirmishes between star empires, invasions of Blokbots, zombie infections, Brikthulhu summonings, and even clan wars, but the homeworld of the mighty Metal Warriors now suffers a much greater fate, The Immortal Empire and Warhead's return! The leather rebels will have to fight for their planet like never before...

Hellius History:

p.L. = Pre Legacy; P.L. = Post Legacy

  • Pre Legacy ?p.L. - 0 P.L. (Times of Creation or Before Metal;)
  • Legacy Rise 0 - 3100 P.L. (Astral War between Keepers and Hellions; Primordial Keepers build the first Steelliums and forge their powerful relics in order to fight the demonic Hellions)
  • First Rites 3100 - 3106 P.L. (First minifigs arrive to the planet; first Clans formed; first minifig settlements)
  • Initiation 3106 - 3230 P.L. (Discovery of the first Steellium; first Metal Warriors and musical instruments; passage of the Doomtrain, Creator of Roads)
  • Age of Metallic Creation 3230 - 4905 P.L. (Uber evolution of Metal; first sub genres and derivations; construction of Gladiah; golden Age of Metal.)
  • Worldshift 4905 - 5000 P.L. (Extremely violent natural disasters occur all over the planet, completely shaping the terrain; uncoverage of rare Steelliums, Keeper Temples and Hellion Tombs)
  • Jugger Summonings 5666 - 5788 P.L. (Hellion Jugger Summonings aka The Second Coming; Jugger War between Metal Warriors and Hellions; construction of the first great castles and fortresses)
  • Clan Wars 5800 - 6000 P.L. (War between Clans due territory possession, genre cockiness and leader ascension)
  • New Era 6000 - ? P.L. (G.R. 2010) (Arrival of BFenix through Gladiah's Portal; Unification of the Clans; The Claim of RAGE; "crowning" of BFenix as Leader of the Metal Warriors and Protector of The Metal Realms)