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Welcome to the Immortal Alliance

"If you would all turn to page 4001 of your "Welcome to the Immortal Alliance" pamphlet you will read edict 40:1:02a, and 40:1:02b...

Excerpt from Welcome to the Immortal Alliance

40:1:02a - The Immortals are sensitive to internecine wars between allied nations and will deal with all such situations with a refined over the centuries no-nonsense approach...

I think it was the Emperor himself that said it best in the first such instance...

The Immortal Emperor, R. 1,980: "...We know where you live..."

The edict goes on to say...

Those Nations found instigating old grudges in such a fashion as to harm Immortal interests and are identified as the guilty party then the lives of the ruling caste of that nation are forfeit as are their military High Command. If there should be any resistance it will be met with extreme prejudice at the hands of ALL the allied nations and the Capital planet will be razed. If one side can not be identified as the guilty nation then both suffer the same fate.

40:1:02b - IF however the nations involved fail to desist and hostilities continue then the people of that nation will suffer the same fate as their leaders as in 40:1:02a. As it is considered that if the rulers were weak and so have been executed but the situation persists, then the problem must be the people and the weakness inherent to that race and therefore extermination is the only recourse.

Obviously the Immortals take this sort of shenanigans very seriously"

For the Immortal Empire

The Immortal Empire - (Warhead) Dominion Empire

Brittanian League (NPC - Lord Cromwell: Grand Admiral of the Black - Warhead, High Lord deSilva Admiral of the Yellow - Silverdream, High Lady ??? Admiral of the White - White Nun, High Lord Blackdog Admiral of the Blue - Theblackdog) - Cosmopolitan- Vast Empire - Free Trade situated in the middle of Brikverse converging all major trade routes. In a War with the Scythian Empire and Arms race of agression with the Assyrian Star Empire.

VOL (Tuefish) - Military Alliance - Empire

Time Travelling Super Jews (Cpt. Zipps) - Military Alliance - Empire

Akkadian Empire (Piltogg) - Military Alliance - Empire

The Tyronian Empire (Lt. Krus) - Military and Trade Alliance - Empire

Inquistadores (Bragallot) - Military and Trade Alliance - Empire

Hammersmith Empire - (Ham701) - Military Alliance - Empire

MAOX - (BFenix) - Military, Trade and Technological Alliance - Empire

Frangerian Protectorate - Military and Technological Alliance - Small Empire

Iron Golems - (NPC, Warhead) - Pledged Immortal Mercenaries - Small Empire

Trorc of Planet Kurvinia 6 (Lordofdragonss) - Trade/Military Alliance - Small Empire

Noob Crushers (samuelzz10) - Military Alliance Small Empire

The Glacier PMC (Tunasailor) - Military Alliance (Merc Force) Small Empire

Space Vikings (OneEye) - Military Alliance (Small Empire used for raids)

Coalition of Ajax-4 (RunsWithLego) - Military Alliance (Small Empire)

The Nobodies - (Naussica) - Military Alliance - Small Empire?

UNDF- (MasterEcabob) - Military Alliance - Small Empire - SUFFERING INTERNAL STRIFE - CIVIL WAR!!!

Tanaris Confederacy - (OREMAWESOME) - Military Alliance - Small Empire?

M.A.S.S. - (mgb519) - Military Alliance - Small Empire

Crimson Dawn - (Alex) - Small Empire

Shady Mercenaries - (The Honorable Leprechaun/Ex-Lep) - (Merc Infiltration Force, present at Fico)

Slashbob Slaughterpants and the bikini bottom death brigade (Silent-Sigfig - Merc Terror Force - HIRED BY IMMORTALS

The Universal Union - (501stCadians) - (Merc Raiding Force)

Survival Union - (Sloopofwar) - Medium Raiding Force, Conditional

Mad-Evils - (NPC - Massam) Military Alliance (Small raiding force)

Manly Men Brigands (NPC, Warhead) (Small Merc Force) MFS is now a member of The Immortal Family. 1st to be Immortalized in the Brikverse

Blacklist Mercinaries - (Lt Krus) Military Alliance for a fee - Small mercenary force

Green Rangers of Greeentoppol - (RunsWithLego) - Small Force

Atomic Unlimited - (GrafZeppelin) - The Count + Small Force?

Zupponn Mining Co. - (Zupponn) - Merc Force - HIRED BY IMMORTALS - Astro-mining black ops.

Ordo Orientium Flagrans - (Rev. Sylvanus) - Small Force (one planet) - HIRED BY IMMORTALS

ShapeShifter (ShapeShifter) - Amusing Cannon Fodder - Himself

Stoned and Drunk Mini-Fig haphazard Co-Op (Rody) - Just him and a few pals, in it for the luls... and bar snacks.