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United Klingdom
United Klingdom Union Jack.png
Representative Democracy
Tek Level 6
83 systems and 21 territorys
None listed
Allied Nations

Anti-Immortal Alliance

Third Alliance

Celestial Kingdom

45th Union

Notable People

United Klingdom

One of the newer faces in the Brikverse, the United Klingdom is in many ways like the USA, only they prefer tea to coffee. Located near the core of the Nehellenium Galaxy, the United Klingdom was founded in BR 2,014, although it has only recently been recognised as a proper nation.


The United Klingdom is a representative democracy where citizens elect candidates whom they feel can successfully lead the nation.


The United Klingdom has recently been forged out of the systems that make up the Britannian League. Due to the amount of civil unrest and lack faith in the monarchy, citizens within the Britannian League took it upon themselves to separate and make a new nation out of their failing empire. After successfully gaining control of several systems, they ended their bloody campaign for freedom, satisfied with their accomplishment. Over the course of BR 2,014 the United Klingdom went from a handful of colonized planets to over forty systems, being one of the fastest growing civilisations that year.


Technology wise, the United Klingdom is on it's way to becoming a power in the Brikverse. Since their seperation from the Britannian League, they have rapidly implemented modern technologies and created some of the most iconic vehicles on the battlefront, least of all the Tank. The leading industry behind most of the UK's technological advances is ABS Defence Systems. Founded after the separation from the Britannian League, they eagerly accepted the UK's offer for them to be their main supplier of military technologies.

UK Armed Forces

An armoured patrol investigates a remote outpost

There are three different branches of the military in the United Klingdom, those being the Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Airforce. They are collectively known as the UK Armed Forces.

Recent History

Civilian Life

The average quality of life for UK citizens is excellent. They are able to enjoy many rights and freedoms that few star systems are able to rival.

The United Klingdom is one of the few civilisations known to be tolerant of diversity. Yellows, Peaches, Browns, Greens, Reds, Blues, and Pumpkin minifigures all enjoy the same legal rights and responsibilities under the law.

Notable Citizens


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