Anti-Immortal Alliance

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Anti-Immortal Alliance
Military Alliance
Galactic alliance
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Immortal Empire
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The Alliance [also called the Federation, among core members] is split into several grouping of empires and armies, including the groups of B.R.I.K, H.A.I.L, S.O.L.I.D, F.I.S.T, and F.U.C.K.

Including, but not limited to:

Against the Immortal Empire

The Anti-Immortal Alliance

The Great Scythian Empire (Shadowscythe) - Vast Empire

The Gamma Corps (Elmagnifico) - Owned the first system to fall to the Immortals, they lost the planet Fico. Battle to be done after ZZD. - Fractured, but Vast Empire

United Systems Alliance - (Silent-sigfig ) Vast (Democratic/Capitalist) Vast Empire

Assyrian Star Empire (Natalya) - (Advanced High Tech) - Own Agenda. Vast Empire.

The Arillian Commonwealth - (Dragonfire666666) - Large Empire

Praetorian Empire (Dilanski) Military Alliance - Empire

United Klingdom (Valiant) (Democratic/Capitalist) - Large Empire

Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria (Colette) - Large Inter-Galactic Empire

Halkron Imperuim - (james+burgundy) - Empire

The Empire of Briktopia (Apollyon) - Empire

FELC (Ross_Varn) - Immortal Termination Order for former alliance with Immortals, Empire

AN android nation (Fredde) - Own Agenda, Large Empire

Silvarian Empire - (Silvadream) - Empire

Larscorp.® Industries - (Sizz-lor) - Corporate Empire - Weapons/Arms Dealers

The U.S. - (Alex) - Empire

The Republic of Inependent Nations - (Robot Monkey) Vast Empire - Bitter grudge against Immortal Invasion.

Diver Dudes - (NPR - Massam) - (Small Raiding Force) - Small Empire

Lesser Spacemen - (Sloopofwar) - Small Empire

M.U/Space Gangsters/Peaches of Ajax-4: - (RunsWithLego) - Small Empire

The Evil, Corrupt slavers of Albion - (Magic Soap) - Small Empire

The Etruscan Kingdom of Pasta - (Jbgarrison) - Pro-Peach + Anti-Immortal, Small Empire

Galaxian Colonies of Razgrizia Armed Forces (Razgriz - 25th Inf) - Small Empire

Paladin Corps - (Enders_Shadow) - Small Empire.

Alliance Special Forces (Subyrally) Small Merc SpecOp Force

Post Apoc Survivors (Massam) mAd MaX sAm (Small Raiding Force, Survivors from the fall of Fico AND the Britannian Planet Praetoria)

The Duck Ninjas - (Paco, didn't know what else to call them) - Small force.

Sir Bragallot - (Bragallot) - (Very Small Raiding Force)

Emerian Empire - (Vami IV) - Large Empire, powerful military force


H.A.I.L: The High Anti-Immortal Legion: Main League of Armies

Shadowscythe, Elmagnifico, Natalya

B.R.I.K: Bloc in Resistance to Immortal Kontrol: Border Defense Force

Ender's Shadow

S.O.L.I.D: Solar Liberation and Defense: Home Defense Core


F.I.S.T: Federation of Independent Systems against Tyranny: Trade Route Protection Force

Robot Monkey