Third Alliance

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Third Alliance
Influence over most Germanic States in the Nehellenium Galaxy
Akkadian Empire
Neo Prussia
Luchardsko Empire
Fynnland Imperyan (Bavarian vassal)
Hammersmith Empire
Akkan Dosh Unity
New Dutch Empire
The Police State of Venice
Duchy of Braunberg
Allied Nations
Uberkaiser Piltogg
Herr Direktor Man in the Top Hat
Zweitekaiser Klaus
Kaisermiestermeistermeister Scratch



After decades of civil war, Bavaria is united under Otto von Bavaria. As the leader of a new German power, he creates the Third Alliance in hopes of creating a "new Brikverse order". The original Alliance members were the Akkadian Empire, Bavaria and the Austrian Hedgemony.

Soon after, the mighty Republic of Independent Nations applies to join the Third Alliance. Otto Von Bavaria, believing the RIN to be lesser Aryans tries to stop them from joining, but the majority of the Third Alliance votes to have the RIN join.

A rift is created between Alec I of the RIN and Otto I von Bavaria. So when Piltogg and Von Bragg both refuse to be Uberkaiser of the Third Alliance, Alec I steps up, and Otto I rises to oppose him. The majority vote in favour of Alec, and he appoints Otto to Herr Direktor so that the two nations can co-operate.


Under the Uberkaiser, there are several skirmishes between the AN and the Third Alliance after Siri takes over Trattoria. After a miscommunication leads to an RIN ship firing on an Avalonian ship, Otto von Bavaria allies himself with several other nations, and attempts to become Uberkaiser. A civil war is avoided however as Piltogg comes back from his quest and demands to be Uberkaiser, and Otto is assassinated. Klaus, Otto's son inherits the throne and vows loyalty to the Uberkaiser, taking the title Zweitekaiser. Alec is made Herr Direktor.

Many nations join and millions perish as Neo-Prussia loses its Empire to the peach virus, and Avalon is destroyed.

The Battle of New York

Kaiser Klaus, tired of how long and drawn out the war on the Silvarian planet Bohem is, executes thousands of Britannian prisoners, including Admiral Byron DeSilva's Dad, James DeSilva. Bavaria then sends two bombers to destroy the Britannian capital, Pendragon. To the Third Alliance's chagrin, Queen Victoria V of the Britannian League turns out to be immortal, and declares war on the Third Alliance.

The RIN, Trattoria, Gerallden Mercenaries and Bavaria launch an attack on the Allied Nations headquarters on planet New York. It is hard fought with millions of casualties, but the AN is destroyed. Alec I died in battle, Night Owl barely makes it off planet and Klaus becomes MIA.

The Pwny War

The Pwny War started with Bavaria allying itself with the pwnies (Forum Thread). The reason for this was because Piltogg had announced his support for the pwnies, and Kaiser Klaus wanted to become the pwny's main ally to secure more power in the Third Alliance. The Trattorian Empire was then disgusted, as was the RIN. This created a civil war, which involved a lot of posturing and threatening, but the Trattorian Empire nuked the pwny capital (Forum Thread).

The Space Mafia then began mining pwnies for rainbow transparent and selling it to Trattorians. The effects of this drug were devastating (Forum Thread).

The Trattorian-Bavarian war was fought because of the pwny war I think. Bavaria's first move was to annex the Silvarian Empire, force a peace with the Britannian League and capture a lot of ships. The war was indecisive, with not much territory gained/lost for either side. Bavaria did acquire a powerful artifakt called the shovel though. An uneasy peace was formed between the two nations.

The Second Battle of New York

The Second Battle Of New York allowed the USA, Praetorians and Scythians to recapture the planet from the Third Alliance. Many other nations fought in the battle, and the Angel Sahaquiel was summoned.

After Siri was killed, the Trattorian Empire left the Third Alliance and joined a coalition against Bavaria. The USA joined the coalition to assassinate Klaus Jr. for war crimes including infecting a planet with an angel, the Praetorians joined to continue with there efforts after the second battle of New York, the Space Nazis joined because they're dumb, and the Scythians joined because they had been attacked by Bavaria and they lost a planet to an angel. To secure more power, Kaiser Klaus married off Prinz Karl to Venice. Klaus Jr. was killed by several mercenaries at the wedding.

Current Policies

The founding principles of the third alliance insisted on yellow ABS purity among all of its Germanic nation-states, and allowed for the sharing of teknology and rescources between member-states. Third alliance states are not required to defend each other in times of war, but may do so if they chose to or believe that it is to their advantage.

The third alliance does not have an official stance on the Immortal War, because the member states agree that the teritorial expansion of the singular empire known as the Immortals really isn't of that much interest when compared to the glory of the fatherland.

There exists a fair amount of in-fighting between member states, and as such the alliance isn't a very strong one.

Membership Requirements under Piltogg

Things Important For Space Germans

  1. look cool
  2. have better engineering/tech than everyone else
  3. fanatical patriotism
  4. beer
    • Good Beer.
  5. awesome names

Third alliance tactics under piltogg

Here good sirs, is what we do. All of these star empires keep on constructing bigger and bigger SHIPs right? So why don't we focus on making very small ships that won't even show up on the big ships' radars. This shall be our wolfpack. It seems that both the Immortals and the AN have us outgunned when it comes to microspace and huge honking fleets of ships... SO WE BLITZKREIG THOSE FUCKERS! We are going to become an entire fucking nation of space pirates (in addition to the Piltogg stuff). We take out their supply lines, we isolate their biggest ships, we board them and we take them over. Then we use their own ships against them. This will work to our advantage, because while their space-shit is better than our space-shit, our foot soldiers are much better than their foot soldiers are, so we will be able to win most boarding encounters. Their greatest strength shall be turned into their greatest weakness.

I don't give a shit who you attack. Attack peaches, immortals, anti-immortals, AN, and anybody else who dares to get in our way. Be as the illuminati: infiltrate and destroy. Make a little count for a lot. Become one with the shadows. AND NEVER EVER SURRENDER!

(Some text where the TA destroys the AN apparently that I didn't bother to read: Forum Thread)