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Neu-AN Treaty Organization
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No Influence
Praetorian Empire
Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria
United Systems Alliance
Great Scythian Empire
Assyrian Star Empire
Brittanian League
Allied Nations
Third Alliance

NATO members planning Operation Dominion's Call

Formed out of the "Neu-AN", an unofficial collection of countries wishing to re-establish the Allied Nations after the Second Battle Of New York, NATO is an exclusive club of Superpowers and Veto Powers fighting against the Third Alliance in the AN-TA War.

NATO staged Operation Dominion's Call, an ambitious assault on Bavaria's home system to end the AN-TA War and finally destroy the Third Alliance. It was largely an embarrassing failure and resulted in a stalemate for the battle and the AN-TA War in general. Nowadays, the TA no longer as relevant as it once was and with the AN-TA War over, NATO lacks a purpose and is basically an aimless club of superpowers. The Polish Confederation also left the alliance after the war, due to lack of interest in further pursuing it's initial goals.

After the election of Dolan Trump to the presidency of the USA, he unilaterally dissolved NATO as a part of the USA's new nationalist agenda and due to the organization's increasing irrelevance. Many of the former members still remain close to each other, however.