Second Battle Of New York

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Started: 'G.R. 2013

Allied Nations - Third Alliance War
Allied Nations-United Sytems & Friends Forces
United Systems Alliance, Praetorian Empire, Scythian Empire
Allied Nations-United Sytems & Friends Command
Admiral Karr "The God Killer", Admiral "He Helped" Kendrick, Admiral Walsh, Lord "Ultimate Space Peen" Cromwell, Unlisted
The Third Pan German Alliance Forces
Republic of Independent Nations, Trattoria Under Siri, Sahaquiel, Bavaria
The Third Pan German Alliance Command
Sahaquiel/Elder Gods, Admiral Aimée, Admiral Lachlan, Unlisted
Restoration of New Yorks US sovereignty
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Second Battle of New York

Eye of God

The second battle of New York occurred nearly a year after the Third Alliance successfully defeated the Allied Nations force in the first battle. Although officially collapsed, several forces appeared under the AN flag to retake the planet.

The battle started when a Praetorian fleet consisting of a new, second generation dreadnought entered solar boundaries of New York. Upon establishing orbit they were joined by a reserve fleet, total forces counting 7 dreadnoughts, 63 battleships/battle-cruisers, 4 Carriers, And 49 smaller vessels. They quickly began attacking orbital weaponry to begin siege of the planet. A retaliatory fleet formed of forces from the RIN, Trattoria, Scythia (Retkonned later) and Bavaria formed, with forces counting 7 dreadnoughts, numerous battleship and cruiser sized vessels and 288 frigates. Finally, a large US carrier group with two dreadnought escorts arrived. This would place all 3 largest classes of starship in the brikverse at the battle.

Dreadnought forces swayed the balance of power to the Allied Nations side. Seeing that a protracted siege would be both boring and un-winnable, the Third Alliance deployed an Angel, Sahaquiel, to open a portal and bring forth BrikThulhu. To counter this, a small force, consisting of vessels from the Scythian Empire, United Systems Alliance and Praetorian Empire was deployed behind the planets defence network, to destroy the angel. The RIN deployed ships in a counter offense, including a newly built EVA-Suit. In the end however victory for the AN was decisive, taking moderate casualties.

In the wake of the Angels destruction the planets orbital defences were quickly overwhelmed, and US forces were able to quickly deploy surface-side, rapidly retaking planetary control centres.