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A SHIP is:

  • 100 or more studs in length
  • Minifig scale
  • Designed for space travel

It is widely considered a badge of honor for any human to be able to field a SHIP in battle.

SHIP Classes

The proper categorization of SHIPs is under constant debate, probably because it's more about dick measuring than anything else. Many space powers loosely base their classification on naval classes, using relative size and general function as guidance. The most important rule is, of course, "Everyone is the Boss of Their Own Toys" and can use whatever method of classification they please.

It must be noted that physical size is not a requirement for any given class. However, they are most commonly used on SHIPs because 30" tends to be the minimum size needed to fit the typical hallmarks of capital ships at minifig scale, such as hangar bays, throne rooms, distinct command bridges, hallways, big turrets, and toilets.

Here are a list of common classes you can use for inspiration, going roughly from smallest to largest. Feel free to use these names regardless of size.

Class Size (Typical) Function
Corvette 90-110 Studs (30") Fast, forward attack
Starfighter combat
"Hero" ships
Frigate 90-110 Studs (30") Escort/support
Capital ship combat
Destroyer 120-150 Studs (40") Capital ship and starfighter combat
Cruiser 150-200 Studs (50") SHIP to SHIP engagement
Battleship 200+ Studs (60") Fleet flagship

The terms "Heavy" and "Light" are often used as well to modify a classification. Heavy typically indicates that a ship is used in a role above its size class. Light typically indicates that a ship is slightly smaller than its functional class. For example, a Heavy Corvette or a Light Destroyer would refer to roughly equivalent ships.

"Dreadnaught" is another term you may hear in the context of classifying SHIPs. This usually refers to an exceptionally large and powerful vessel, or one that defies conventional classification.

Use of SHIPs in Brikwars

SHIPs are typically 30" or more in length, armored at 3d10 or 4d10, and heavily armed with Super Death Lasers, small turrets, and large missiles. This makes them both formidable and unwieldy on the battlefield. To properly field a SHIP, one must also field an effective crew. A large Gunnery team is necessary to operate massive weapons with very high skill ratings or hit multiple targets with an array of smaller weapons. Teks and Engineers are also useful to add flexibility to the SHIP's capabilities. An internal security crew is also a must, as a SHIP is often more of a flying fortress than a vehicle combatant. Opponents will attempt to take the SHIP down from the inside and then steal it, so it is important to repel boarders. Most SHIPs will serve a multifunctional role in battle, so balance large weapons with smaller ones, and fill in the functional gaps with support vehicles.

When playing against a SHIP, use small sizes and numbers to your advantage. Make hit and run passes, staying just outside the SHIP's range, and use missiles to damage large areas and knock out weapon systems. As mentioned above, boarding a SHIP can be an effective tactic, especially if the opponent is underprepared.

List of ASHIPs

ASHIPs, or Almost SHIPs, are space warships measuring 90-99 studs in length but serve in an equivalent role to a 100 stud SHIP. This distinction is negligible, separating ASHIPs from SHIPs by only one or two inches, but it exists because Space AFOLs are a bunch of Anoraks.

Image Size Hero Name Class Faction Builder Main Forum Thread Service Record
NidhoggurLightDestroyer.jpg 92 Studs Nidhoggur Light Destroyer Glacier Empire Tunasailor Forum Thread Inactive
Pikeman.jpg 96 Studs Pikeman Class Cutter 45th Union Roc77 Forum Post Inactive
Skysharkcorvette.jpg 99 Studs Sky Shark Corvette The Council of 500 Ninja_bait Forum Thread Active duty
(Last engagement: Forum Thread

List of SHIPs

Image Size Hero Name Class Faction Builder Main Forum Thread Service Record
Midgetman.jpg 100 Studs (est.) Midgetman Class Frigate Trattoria Colette Forum Thread Inactive
H0YPQRQ.jpg 100 Studs (est.) Golden Warrior Golden Warrior Class Destroyer Tyrontaia CaptainZebra Forum Thread Decommissioned
IM Monarch.jpg 100 Studs (est.) Monarch Flagship Destroyer Imperial Magikstrate RedRover Forum Thread Inactive
Revolyutsiya.png 100 Studs Revolyutsiya Drone Carrier USSSR Duerer Forum Thread Decommissioned
Szlachcic0.png 100 Studs Szlachcic Boarding Destroyer Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska Duerer Forum Thread Active Duty
(Last appearance: Forum Thread)
Geri.jpg 102 Studs Geri Warship Glacier Empire Tunasailor Forum Thread Inactive
OLDEFHammerheadFrigate.jpg 102 Studs Hammerhead Frigate OLD Expeditionary Force Wingnut Forum Thread Inactive
Kaplanwide.jpg 102 Studs (est.) HMS Kaplan Cruiser Time Travelling Super Jews Cpt. Zipps Forum Thread Inactive
45carriercruiser.jpg 105 studs (est.) Carrier Cruiser 45th Union Roc77 Forum Thread Decommissioned
(Notable appearance: Forum Thread)
100 1361 zpsc2255ee3.jpg 105 studs Morlock Warship Squidhead Dominion swordsalmon Forum Thread Inactive
BarracudaLightAssaultCarrier.jpg 109 Studs Barracuda Light Assault Carrier The Synthetic-Organic Coalition Fredde Forum Thread Inactive
Elodin2014.png 110 Studs (est.) Elodin All-Purpose Police Cruiser Police State of Venice Scratch Forum Thread Drydocked
Halcyoncruiser.jpg 110+ Studs (est.) Light Cruiser Halcyon Empire Cakeman Forum Thread Inactive
Anusripper.jpg 111 Studs AN-US Ripper Giant OTC Allied Nations Stubby Theoretically still in combat in: Forum Thread
PiranhaANFastAttackFrigate.jpg 112 Studs Piranha Fast Attack Frigate The Synthetic-Organic Coalition Fredde Forum Thread Decommissioned B.R. 2,010
Morningstarright.jpg 114 Studs Morningstar's Lament Assault Cruiser 45th Union Roc77 Forum Thread Inactive
NANnsBR.jpg 116 Studs Banana In Pyjamas Destroyer Strayan Empire loafofcheese Forum Thread Inactive
ShapiroHeavyAttackFrigate.jpg 118 Studs (est.) HMS Shapiro Heavy Attack Frigate Time Travelling Super Jews Cpt. Zipps Forum Thread Inactive
Mybrus Destroyer.jpg 120 Studs (est.) Mybrus Destroyer Atherta Federation Bann154 Forum Thread Inactive
Marxrevengeheavycruiser.jpg 128 Studs (est.) Marx's Revenge Heavy Cruiser USSSR Cpt. Zipps Forum Thread Inactive
Piltoggship.jpg 130 Studs Dethstar Akkadian Recuperation Ship Allied Nations Stubby Theoretically still in combat in: Forum Thread
Artemis&Frigate.jpg 148 Studs Artemis Katana Class Heavy Carrier/Destroyer The Grand Galactic Empire Ninja_bait Forum Thread Active duty
(Last engagement: Forum Thread
Sonks.jpg 152 Studs Sonks Venus Class Destroyer Assyria Natalya Forum Thread Decommissioned B.R. 2,017
(Notable appearance: Forum Thread)
Dilanskiepik.jpg 180 Studs Epic Dilanski Forum Thread Inactive
HodgepodgeHeavyCruiser.jpg 208 Studs and growing Hodgepodge Heavy Cruiser The Stranians Strana Forum Thread Inactive
(Notable appearance: Forum Thread)
28503875607 15233d1bb7 k.jpg 227 Studs (est.) Athena Athena class atmospheric carrier/destroyer Unknown Diamondsword901 Forum Thread Inactive