The Imperial Magikstrate

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The Imperial Magikstrate
Imperial Magikstrate Flag.png
Constitutional Monarchy
Tek Level 6 (7 with Magik)
160 Systems + Colonies
Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska
M-Throne Empire
Republic of Ranggor
Empire Mointseeir
Space Austria
Rubrum Crucesignatis
Anit-Uasciri Coalition
Technocratic Union
Communo-Fascist Axis
Third Alliance
Assyrian Star Empire
Immortal Empire
Brikthulhu Cultist
Notable People
Ibeus Pendragon
Azura Pendragon
Alabaster Pendragon
Cecil Pendragon
Colton Pendragon
General Marten Julis Tift

Imperial Magikstrate Battle Mage & Officer - Mike Rayhawk (2019)


Before the galaxy in it's present, there once lived a great star civilization known as the Grand Uasciri Empire. The Uasciri gained prominence do tho their ability to draw magikal energies from different types of transparent ore, bending and shaping these elements to do their will. Under the Grand Imperial Chancellor, one of the leading mages of the Empire, Arthur Pendragon, founded the Order of the Mgikstrate, a magikal task force that operated as the inquisitors and special operations of the Empire. They amassed the most skilled soldiers, mages, and minds of the Empire to spread Uasciri influence across the sector. The Uasciri quickly overran several star systems eventually growing into a vast Empire ruling the Magenta (now known as Uasciri) sector.

In the height of the Empire, Grand Imperial Chancellor Thomas, ruler of the Uasciri Empire, thought it best to stop the military campaigning across the sector and focus on things like culture and the arts. These pursuits were trivial to Arthur who sought more magikal power. Arthur and Thomas clashed and their disagreement about the direction of the Uasciri started to fracture the foundations of the strong Empire. The other small Nations surrounding the Empire saw this fracture as their only chance to possibly hault the unstoppable tide that was the Uasciri. Led by Clarence Fang, one of the Noble lords of House Fang (Of Planet Draykarus), These small nations started to form the Anit-Uasciri Coalition to thwart Uasciri expansion and influence. They bid their time and waited for the fractures to deepen.

in the Star Year 2005, Grand Imperial Chancellor Thomas gave a speech to his Empire calling for a new age of prosperity and culture. He promptly issued a decree formally disbanding the Order of the Magikstrate's military operation to transition them into more of a policing role. Furious, Arthur staged committed an act of treason by taking the Order, cutting ties with the Uasciri Empire, and leaving the sector. Arthur ripped out the core of the Grand Uasciri military by taking the Order, leaving them in an incredibly weakened state. In the choas of the Magistrate's absence, the Anti-Uasciri Coalition launched a full scale invasion of the newly crippled Empire. Thomas was blind to the unrest in his empire and was completely caught off guard. Woefully unprepared due to the loss of his strongest military asset, planets and systems held by the Empire quickly became claimed by Coalition forces. By the time word of the invasion reached Arthur on the other side of the galaxy, many of the territories had fallen and the war was inching closer to the Imperial Capital planet. Although betrayed, Arthur rushed back with the Order to try and fend off the invasion or at least save what was left.

The invasion had gained too much momentum and the battle was a losing cause. The fighting had engulfed the planet bringing the war right up to the gates of the Imperial Palace. Arthur and the Order fought off the Coalition forces the best they could, but were losing numbers quickly. Arthur and a regiment of mages and soldiers tried to hold the Throne room and protect Thomas until they could be safely evacuated. As they were barricading the doors, Clarence Fang and a group of coalition forces broke through and into the room. The forces collided with heavy casualties on both sides.

Arthur and Clarence locked energy swords. They clashed back and forth as their heavy strikes echoed above the sounds of laser bolts and carnage. Clarence outmaneuvered Arthur, cut off his arm, and pushed him aside, defeated. He then approached the shriveling Chancellor of a once great Empire and held him before the chaos of the throne room. Clarence threw Thomas onto his knees and declared that the Uasciri Empire was no more. With a swift chop he decapitated Thomas.

Arthur laid distraught at his former ruler and friend’s death. Mustering up all he had left he cried out as he launched himself off the floor with a beam sword in his good hand towards Clarence. The two engaged in more fighting. With the loss of so much blood, Arthur was quickly being overpowered. Seeing the duel as a lost cause, Arthur yelled for a retreat. As what was left of the Order of the Magistrate made their retreat, Arthur did the only thing he thought he could do to ensure the safety of the rest of the Order. With all the life force he had left, he unleashed a cataclysmic amount of magical energy that destroyed the palace and everyone in it. Though them empire fell, he inflicted a major blow to the coalition halting most of their campaign.

The Order made its retreat and the Uasciri Empire had fallen. The remnants of the Order turned to Arthur’s son, Ibeus Pendragon, for leadership. Ibeus reforged the Order into The Imperial Magikstrate and has vowed to seek retribution for his father by forging his own empire.

Faction Overview


Imperial Magikstrate forces as of June 2016 - The Imperial Magikstrate emerged from the ashes of the Grand Uasciri Empire, a once powerful space civilization in the Magenta Sector on the outskirts of the Nehellenium Galaxy. The Magikstrate specializes in the use of magik and continues to grow in its power and influence. They seek retribution for the fall of the Uasciri Empire.
Capitol Streaus Proper
Motto Hope Shines Brightest
Anthem TBD
Government Structure Representative Monarchy
Demonym(s) Imperial
Official Language Galaktik Basik
National Language Uascirin
Ethnic Groups 71.6% Uascirin (Flesh Tones)
23.3% Yellow
5.1% Other
Official Religion None
Economic System Mixed Market
G20 Standing 10th
Currency Imperial Note (Φ)
Major Exports Magik-based Technology
Mining (Blue Trans Variants)
Major Imports Precious Metals
Luxury Goods
Additional Magikal Items
Known For Magik & Peaches

Government Overview


Executive Branch

-Role of Grand Arch Mage
-Ministry of Scientific Affairs
--Core Sciences
--Medical Sciences
--Engineering Sciences
-Ministry of Economic Affairs
--Infrastructure Management
--Corporate Partners
--Trade Management
-Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs
--Internal Affairs
---Planetary Governors
---Law Enforcement
--External Affairs
---Regional Galaktik Ambassadors
---Assigned Galaktik Ambassadors
-Ministry of Educational Affairs
-Ministry of Military Affairs
--Military Command
--Planetary Core
---Infantry Division
---Armored Division
---Atmospheric Aircraft Division
--Galactic Navy
---Imperial Fleets
---Orbital Defense systems
---Shield of Aegis
---Sword of Damocles

Judicial Branch

The Royal Court (Streaus Proper)
High Courts (1 per planet)
Intermediate Courts (1 per territorial zone)
Low Courts (Multiple per city)
Civil Courts (Multiple per city)

Legislative Branch

Advisory Parliament
The Pentagram



Imperial Academy of Magik


Magik System

Schools of Magik

-School of Alteration
-School of Conjuration
-School of Equivocation
-School of Reclamation
-School of Divination

Mage Types

-Guardians (Support Mages)
-Crusaders (Battle Mages)
-Sentinels (Unique Mages)

Imperial Culture



Social Issues

IM Territories

(Pre Ragnablok)
-Magenta Sector
-Notable Planets
--Stearus Proper
--Oecury (Order of the Magikstrate use to reside)
--Roelara (Capitol of Grand Uasciri Empire)

Current Events

BY 2007

  • Predecessor, Grand Uasciri Empire, at its peak

BY 2015

BY 2016

BY 2017

  • Rubrum Crucesignatis alliance formed
  • Outer Haven Incident

BY 2018

  • Crisis on Ahrus

Imperial Magikstrate Characters

Notable People

Ibeus Pendragon - Son of Arthur, powerful magik user, and Grand Archmage of the Imperial Magikstrate
Azura Pendragon - Daughter of Arthur, she is in charge of the research and medical divisions on top of being a skilled cleric.
Colton Pendragon - Brother of Arthur, Grand Paladin
Alabaster Pendragon - Cousin of Ibeus, Arch-Angel
Cecil Pendragon - Cousin of Ibeus, Intergalaktik Ambassador
General Julias Marten Tift - Military Strategist to Ibeus
Hieronimus the Warden - Wise council to Ibeus and part of the Diplomacy Council
Awjyll the Teacher - Instructor to other Mages and part of the Diplomacy Council
Declan Remus - Imperial Investigator of the Paranormal and Supernatural, Led the expedition during the Outer Haven Incident, missing and presumed dead.

Notable Groups

The Pentagram- The unofficial name for the 5 Pendragon family members that primarily run the Imperial Magikstrate. Though there are other family members, they do not hold near as much influence or power as the Pentagram.
Diplomacy Council- In charge of intergalaktic relations, the diplomats seek to make strategic play within the AN and other political forums to benefit their alliances and put the opposition at a disadvantage.
The Order of Six- An elite group of the Imperial Magikstrate each with special ability or talent. They are often sent out on solo missions carrying out special ops, but can act as a deadly 6 man squad.
Artifact Recovery and Acquisitions- "The Magikistrate ARA has its origins deeply rooted in shadow--So deeply rooted that the commander take the title of Darkblade" -Silent Sigfig.


Basic Weaponry

These are the basic weapons used in the Imperial Magikstrate Military. This list only contains common weapons used by infantry. Unique weapons that are specific to a character are not featured here.

Shout out to Silent Sigfig for help with most of the flavor text.

Calces-1 Energy Sword- Enemies of the magikistrate will find some comfort from the fact that their wounds will be instantly cauterized.
Use Range Damage
3 CC 1 SD +2
Calces-2 Energy Long-Sword- Energy compressors were not meant to be pushed to this level, and the Calces-2 is almost as much of a threat to the user as it is to those around him. Almost.
Use Range Damage
4 CC 2 SD
Realgar-3 Energy Halberd- Those who find themselves on the wrong end of the Realgar-4 are decorated with gaping flesh wounds and that’s if they’re lucky.
Use Range Damage
4 CC 2 SD
Natron-4 Shotgun- Often a staple for officers, the Natron-4 blasts holes in enemies who wander too close.
Use Range Damage
3 6 1d8+1-Distance
Didymium-5 PML- The vessel in which explosions are delivered, the Didymium-5 launches various projectiles that result in either a fiery death or worse.
Use Range Damage
3 8 determined by payload
Zaffre-6 Sniper Rifle- Magik components assist with aiming and wind calculations allowing the Zaffre-6 to hit targets miles away.
Use Range Damage
3 15 1d6+1
Cuprite-7 Shatter-Gun- A true union of magic and technology, the Cuprite-9 sends a hail of enchanted crystalline shards with each pull of the trigger.
Use Range Damage
3 9 1d6+1
Magikal Core The Magik component of the gun can add an addition +1 to range or damage each turn
Cuprite-8 Shatter-Rifle- This bigger brother of the standard shatter-gun, it exchanges spread-fire for precision.
Use Range Damage
3 10 1d6+1
Magikal Core The Magik component of the gun can add an addition +1 to range or damage each turn
Brimstone-9 Assault Rifle- Most weaponry fielded by the Imperial Magikistrate has a magical component, and the Brimestone-7 is no exception. Pure magical energy is compressed and hardened to form and inexplicedly sharp bayonet.
Mode Use Range Damage
Bayonet 2 cc 1 SD
Rifle 3 10 1d6+1
Litharge-14 Beam Kannon- When the Magikstrate needs to blast through heavy armored foes they use the Litharge-14. The handheld beam kannon projects a concentrated beam of death.
Use Range Damage
4 9 2d6
Magikal Core The Magik component of the gun can add an addition +1 to range or damage each turn
Magikstrate Staff- The tool of magicians, wizards, and sorcerers alike.
Use Range Damage
4 CC 2 SD
Magikal The staff grants 1 SN die of each type: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, and 1d10



Space & Aircraft


Armory Posts


Magik Soap Opera