Intermarium Coalition

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Intermarium Coalition
Influences the Western Arms
Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska
Republik of Magyar
Lietuvan Republikans
The Police State of Venice
Blue Heliad Sciences Corporation
The Imperial Magikstrate
New Dutch Empire
Space Nazis

The Intermarium Coalition is a military alliance, that has been initiated by the Konfederacja Polska, with it's primary purpose is to protect the Galaxy from Communist and Nazi forces.


In B.R. 2,015, when the AN-TA War was slowly coming to an end, the Intermarium Coalition was initiated by the Polish Prezydent Małgorzata Sadow as a counter measure against the evergrowing threat of Communist and Nazist hordes, plaguing vast regions of the Galaxy. Few nations joined the alliance right after it's formation, either fighting for it's proposed cause or for other motives like spreading thier influence among foreign nations.

In BR 2,017 the Intermarium Coalition has been reformed to act on a more sectoral scale as opposed to being an international alliance. Thus it will only consist of nations native to the Purple Sector. Foreign ex-members are still being viewed as allies of the Coalition, however.