Outer Haven Incident

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Outer Haven Incident was an event that occured in Q2 R2017 which brought the Imperial Magikstrate, and Galacia into war with one another.


Investigator Declan Remus of the Magikstrate artifakt recovery organization, was sent to the planet Outer Haven to investigate rumors of supernatural activity. During his operation he and a small security detail investigated the forests of the planet and recovered several artifakts after defeating strange possessed beings, however the planet was also home to a counter insurgency operation between the then Galacian Republik and the Triangular State's Cult. The Magikstrate forces were chased around the region for the better part of two days as they fought and fled, trying to avoid detection.

The "Incident"

After losing most of his team to a monster in a bunker, Remus was caught in the middle of a firefight between Government troops and the Cultists, left with no other option he captured a Galacian Uniform in hopes of escaping, but was noticed and forced to return to the Galacian forward operating base "FOB Sundown", while he was there he learned that another artifakt was being housed there. A cultist attack alerted the base and left Remus time to search for it, but another monster in the form of a possessed Galacian soldier engaged him to protect the artifakt, after killing the possessed. He was discovered by the Galacian soldiers and the alarm was sounded.

Pinned and under fire, without a staff or the means to properly escape or defend himself, Remus called for his remaining men to launch a suicide mission to get to him so he could teleport the artifakts offworld. The operation was more or less successful, the IM forces were able to hold the GR troops at bay long enough to slip a few troops into the base and rescue Remus, he teleported the artifakts off world, but was unable to escape.

The IM forces were eventually overwhelmed and killed, Remus was captured by the forces led by a Bogatyr Guardsman, and the FOB was largely destroyed.

Outer Haven Incident

Part of Arhus Crisis
Location: FOB Sundown and surrounding areas, GR Military Outpost, Outer Haven, Gold Sector

Iron Symphony Alliance
Rubrum Crucesignatis Pact
Imperial Magikstrate
Trianglular State

Led to Operation Schadenfreude
Phyrric Strategic Galacian victory
Magikstrate tactical victory
Declan Remus captured
Galacian control over Outer Haven is crippled
Shulga launches Operation Schadenfruede and triggers the Arhus Crisis

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