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The Arhus Crisis was a short but unbelievably destructive war that lasted over the course of 11 days in the Winston System mainly between the Galacian Imperiya, against the Imperial Magikstrate and it's M-Throne allies. It was the first armed conflict between factions of the Nehellenium and Tharcan galaxies, Ruined the relations between the Imperial Magikstrate and Galacia, and completely toppled the political landscape of the Gold Sector, bringing an End to the Galacian Republik and Volhinyan Kynazdoms, and led to their successor governments, the Imperiya and Polity respectively.

Cause of the war

Although not known to either party until it was almost too late, the Arhus Crisis was caused indirectly by an organization of rogue Elkossian scientists who had been hiding since around R.2011, These scientists had been experimenting with mad science projects in the field of teleportation and mind control, when they accidentally made a tear in reality and caused the backwater planet of Outer Haven to become a highly anomalous zone.

The Outer Haven Incident

See Outer Haven Incident

The Imperial Magikstrate had picked up on these anomalies and believed it to be of magikal influence. They sent Declan Remus, an elite investigator into the system to find the source of the anomalies and contain it if possible. Remus had been sent with a small team of backup, who unintentionally became caught in the crossfire between the "then" Galacian Republik army, and the Triangular State. Eventually they were comprimised and a small battle ensued. leaving a GR base destroyed, and dozens dead on both sides. Remus was captured by the Galacian Bogatyr guard.

The Outer Haven incident, often referred to as the "First Battle", led to the Second Battle of Outer Haven which caused the Volhinyan Kynazdom to collapse with the death of it's Monarch, and Volhinya itself fell into Chaos.

Bakhacha Coup

Directley after the capture of Remus, Shulga The then Marshal of the Galacian Republik military, already furious that the Imperial Magikstrate had chosen to ally with the M-Throne Empire, had "attacked" them. He attempted to contact the Republik's president, James Lahey, who was on another bender in his endless career of drunkeness. When He could not get ahold of him, he held an emergency meeting with several officers on Bakhacha station and chose a target to hit back on the Magikstrate. Several transport ships were sent towards the Magenta Sector and by the time Lahey had woken up,The AN was in full crisis mode as the Galacian Navy was air-striking the neutral planet of Arhus and troops were engaged with one another on the ground. Shulga had taken control of the country. Lahey drank himself into a coma rather than acting, and he died shortly after.

Operation Schadenfreude

Operation Schadenfreude was an assault on an M-Throne Mass Teleporter facility still under construction. The ensuing battle caused the reactor to explode, destroying half of the planet's surface and killing untold millions of natives, as well as infest the planet with interdimensional blue mutants. See Operation Schadenfreude

Height of the War

Dozens of battles raged across the planet in the days between Schadenfreude and Armageddon

Operation Armageddon

Operation Armageddon was the final land battle of the Crisis. It saw the ISA invasion force and the Remnants of the IM and M-Throne Garrison throw everything they had at one another in the outskirts of Artimec City, the IM's Administrative capital of the colony. This battle too would be won by the Galacian forces and their vassals. The campaign at this point looked to be won.

Battle of the Winston System

A small but powerful M-Throne strike group was elsewhere in the region and after learning of the incident with the reactor, entered the Winston System and engaged the Galacian Navy. The ISA forces were equipped with mostly Heavy Transports and Corvettes, it was a lightning strike planetary invasion fleet, not one meant for ship to ship combat. The ISA ships were obliterated, leaving the Galacian troops stranded on Arhus. Shulga was prepared for full scale war, and as much as a quarter of the entire Galacian navy was sent into Arhus to meet an increasingly large M-Throne and Magikstrate defense fleet. The two engaged one another for about an hour with minimal losses on both sides.

A Sudden Realization

Meanwhile, Randy Lahey, Son of the late James Lahey and already a high ranking officer in the Galacian Military, felt there was something not right about the events that led up to this conflict. He travelled to Outer Haven, and secretley communicated with the Polish GROM who together, uncovered a secred laboratory on Outer Haven that had been responsible for the initial anomalies that attracted the Magikstrate's investigators.

Each party in the conflict had committed atrocities. The Magikstrate violated the territory of the Galacians, The M-Throne threatened the Western Arms by building Superteleporters, the Austrians attempted to gas civilians on their own ally's planet. The Galacians blew up the reactor and destroyed half of the planet. Everyone was guilty of something in this war, but everyone agreed that there was a mutual instigator in the war. Peace was signed at once.

Treaty of Spartak

Magikstrate, Austrian, Emerian, Galacian and M-Thronian diplomats met in neutral territory in the Spartak System not far from Outer Haven, and formalized peace. Remus was released from imprisonment, and traded for the Mad Scientists in the custody of GROM who were summarily executed. Peace had been restored for now, but many felt that this would only be the first war between the two parties.

Arhus Crisis

Location: Arhus, Winston System, Neutral Space. West of the Magenta Sector

Rubrum Crucesignatis
Imperial Magikstrate
Space Austria
M-Throne Empire
Iron Symphony
Galacian Imperiya
Emerian Empire
Peach Insurgents
Blue Mutants
M-Throne Victory (Space)
Galacian Imperiya Victory (Planetside)
Treaty of Spartak
Arhus left devastated beyond recovery
Galacian mad scientists arrested and executed