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Iron Symphony **Dissolved**
Vipiriath Dwarf Galaxy, Gold Sector, Fractured Dwarf Galaxy

Emerian Empire
Avokhan Empire
Soluin Imperials
Planetary Levitican Empire

None Listed
M-Throne Empire

Imperial Magikstrate
Third Alliance
United Systems Alliance

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Alliance & Charter

The Iron Symphony (IS or ISA) was a military and political alliance of several centrist and right wing empires spread out across the galaxy. It was Formed by a merging of the Epeen Alliance and the Elkoss Strategic Defense Treaty, Effectively bringing the Emerian, Galacian and their greater spheres of influence of Client States, Protecterates, Puppet states and other allies all into one larger entity.

Jim Lahey signing the IS alliance in R.2017

The Galacian government proposed the idea as it did not want to join a coalition of another's making, but rather make one of it's own, despite once being a member of EPEEN itself in the past. Galacia and Emeria were the founding members. All members of the EPEEN and ESDT were considered de-facto members as well.

The Iron Symphony's purpose is to provide a military alliance alternative to that of the Red Cross and Third Alliance coalitions, There is no clear theme between the members of the group as it contains both libertarians and authoritarians, Secular and Non Secular powers. Demokracies and Autokracies find a fragile balance in the IS, One of the things holding it together is the distaste for the current coalitions and blocks as of Q1 G.R 2017, Such as the Rubrum Crucesignatis and Third Alliance, or rampaging lone states like the USA.

The Charter of the ISA states the following as it's purpose and goals.

  • - Amplify power projection of it's members through combining forces and create a significant power bloc in the galaxy.
  • - Assist smaller star-faring empires in the opportunity to participate on the galactic stage as a member of the ISA, with all the perks and benefits of it's protection.
  • - Provide other diplomatically inclined empires that wish it, an alternative to the Third Alliance and Rubrum Crucesignatis
  • - To protect the Galaxy from threats foreign to Galaxia Nehellenium. And ensure continued sovereignty from these external threats, like Extra-galactic and Extra-dimensional powers


Current Members

Faction Notes
Ple.png Levitican Empire Originally a Galacian protectorate, Later a full member, and became the de-facto leader of the ISA when the Galacian Republik was overthrown, and the Galacian Imperiya resigned from the alliance.
Phaleks.jpg Phaleks

Former Members

Faction Notes
EKDFlag.png Galacian Republik Originally a Founding Member, left the alliance when the Galacian Republik ceased to exist, the ISA was Lahey's brainchild, Shulga's new Galacian Imperiya wanted nothing to do with it.
Emerian Flag (Official).png Emerian Empire and United Commonwealths Originally a Founding Member, membership was suspended as a result of the Emerian ISA faction being unable to maintain control of their worlds, battling Third Alliance sympathisers and agents of the Space Mafia
EmpryaFlag.jpeg Empryan Colonies Status of Empryan ISA leadership is unknown, has not exchanged communications with others in a very long time

History in brief


  • Charter signed by Emerian Empire and Galacian Republik
  • Levitica, Empyra, Soluin and the Phaleks accept invitations on behalf of previous EPEEN membership
  • Coup in Galacia, Republik dismantled, Galacian Imperiya promises no change in ISA charter or membership
  • Emeria falls into disarray after leadership dissapears. Emerian military supported by Imperiya peacekeepers struggle to maintain order in the wake of a massive turf war between Space Mafia and Syndikat in Emerian systems.
  • Ensuing "police" actions by the Imperia violate sovereignty of Emeria and piss off the ISM there after Imperiya forces appear to be supporting Syndikat in the gang war. Membership of Emeria suspended as it is made to choose between

the IS alliance, and the Mob rule of the ISM.

  • Outer Haven Incident. In secret, Galacia's goverment is overthrown by Shulga, and his generals lead an attack in the Arhus Crisis. After the crisis is ended by a joint Galacian-Polish investigation, Shulga pulls Galacia from the treaty, severing ties with the organization.