Second Battle of Outer Haven

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The Second Battle of Outer haven was an skirmish on the troubled world Of Outer Haven in the north of the Gold Sector. As a result of the damage done from the Outer Haven Incident the Galacian Imperiya pulled all forces off the world and left it to the Militant religious extremists of the Triangular state of Outer Haven.. neighboring Volhinya invaded as an attempt to take a world for itself, The battle was going well for the Volhinyans until it came down to the critical last stages, in which the Volhinyan Kynaz made a terrible mistake at the worst possible moment of the battle. Moments from victory, Magadan attracted the attention of Insurgent forces who rained artillery on his position, killing him in the process.. the Volhinyans retreated and pulled out of the system leaving the future of both regions uncertain.

2nd Battle of Outer Haven

Part of Galacian Civil War
Location: FOB Sundown (Abandoned) and surrounding areas

Triangular State

Trianglist Victory
Volhinyan Withdrawl from Outer Haven
Karl Magadan II killed
Volhinya enters Succession crisis

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