Operation Schadenfreude

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Operation Schadenfreude otherwise known as the 1st Battle of Arhus was an engagement between the forces of the Iron Symphony Alliance and the Rubrum Crucesignatis Pact on the outskirts of the former Peach city of Natilus on the planet Arhus, a semi independent world in Imperial Magikstrate space but not a fully incorporated territory. It marked the beginning of the Arhus Crisis, and a series of events that brought Galacia of the Gold Sector into open conflict with the M-Throne Empire and it's allies.


On the world of Outer Haven, Magikstrate mages had broken through the Galacian naval blockade and infiltrated planetside to investigate a series of Paranormal disturbances. Imperial investigator and seasoned battlemage Declan Remus of the Magikstrate led an expedition across the forests of Outer Haven capturing a number of disturbed artifakts and defeating paranormal entities, eventually the IM team was caught in the middle of the conflict between the Republik forces and the Outer Haven cultist insurgency. Magikstrate soldiers were forced to attack Galacian units to defend themselves, and after the incident was over, the entire Magikstrate expeditionary force was killed, and a GR Naval outpost was severely damaged with many dead. And Remus was wounded and captured

Supreme Commander of the Military, Marshal Shulga of Galacia declared the incident an act of war, and the final straw by the Rubrum Crucesignatis Pact. Until the arrival of the M-Throne Empire, Galacia had amicable relations with the Magikstrate, but due to the latter's association with the Tharcan Empire, which Galacia and specifically Shulga viewed as a great evil. The Magikstrate was the target of considerable scorn from the GR.

The attack

Immediately following news of the incident on Outer Haven, Galacian military command at Bakhcha Station with the assistance of the DuGA AI program, selected the planet of Arhus as the target of a military retaliation, the operation was escalated and expedited when DuGA announced that an M-Thronian superportal was under construction on the planet, and that it would soon be able to teleport massive amounts of Tharcan troops into the system as a beachhead, And eventually be able to teleport vast legions of combat vehicles too. It was decided that the Galacian navy would launch a swift airstrike and marine ground assault on the site to knock out the teleporter and avenge the incident on Outer Haven. All without a formal declaration of war.

"Operation Schadenfreude" Was the code name for the assault, GR Strilka Starfighters and Barsuk Starbombers harried the site, while Cyborg heavy infantry assaulted the Magikstrate Garrison. The IM Garrison would recieve reinforcements from M-Thronian personnel who were nearby as part of a security detail for the portals construction, as well as small groups of Space Austrian troops that helped themselves into the battle by joining the defender's side.

Rogue Raiders from the Trion Empire also made an entrance, while their effectiveness was extremely limited.

The Mutants

The Galacian airstrike had dealt severe damage to the site and had Killed a large number of M-Thronian and Magikstrate troops, but at the cost of most of their aerocraft. Eventually a Strilka pilot chose to Kamikaze the reactor and destroyed it, the ensuing explosion was rather small, but the combination of combusting transparent elements created a perculiar reaction that resulted in an extreme burst of unknown energy, Many minifigs that were in the process of being teleported to Arhus became caught in a time warp, and when the emerged, they had turned blue and incredibly stupid. These mutants swarmed the battlefield and attacked everyone in sight.

The Second Kaboom

The destruction of the 4th Reactor sent the other superportal reactors into a state of miscommunication, and eventual meltdown. Some survivors were able to flee by transport or teleportation, but most were incinerated when the entire Teleporter went up in a fireball. The explosion devastated the eastern continent, turning it into a radioactive wasteland and killing 99% of all life on the eastern half of the planet.

After the dust Settled, The IM and M-Throne Garrison on the planet moved to the Western Continent, while the ISA fleet in orbit elected to push a ground assault and landed several ground armies of it's own. These forces would clash over several days in an all out war in what was to be one of the most significant flash points in recent galactik history.

Order of Battle


  • 3rd Shock Army (Galacian Ground Forces)
  • 25th Aerospace wing (Galacian Navy)
  • Battlegroup Tusk (Galacian Navy) - Did not participate directly in operation, Was responsible for transporting all other formations into the theater.
  • 1st ISA Army (Galacian Army, Kamchatkan, Emerian assistance) - Did not participate in operation, Was landed on Arhus on the Western Continent after escalation.


  • Artimec Garrison (Imperial Magikstrate Army)
  • Omicron Legion (M-Throne Imperial Army)
  • 12th Auxillary Battallion (Space Austria)


  • Edgekorps 11th battallion (Trion Marine Korps)
  • Hordes of mutants (Blue Mutants)
Operation Schadenfreude

Part of Arhus Crisis
Location: Eastern Continent, Arhus, Winston system. Southern Magenta Frontier.

Iron Symphony Alliance
Rubrum Crucesignatis Pact
Imperial Magikstrate

M-Throne Empire
Space Austria (Support)

Third Alliance
Trion Empire
Blue Mutants

Beginning of Arhus Crisis
Tactical Galacian victory
Mutants overrun east half of Arhus
Arhus Eastern Continent turned into wasteland

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