The Grand Galactic Empire

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The Grand Galactic Empire
GGE flag.jpg
Immortal Empire
Tek Level 6
Galactic Superpower
Immortal Alliance
Rubrum Crucesignatis

Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria

the Council of 500

Notable People

The Grand Galactic Empire rules over the majority of inhabited space in the Ninja_verse. It is ruled by the Immortal, Golden Emperor Auric. The Empire is best known for its focus on its space navy.

History of the Grand Galactic Empire

LEGOfleet Christmas Wars Barnacle Wars Arrival of Auric A Lot of Sorting Darkness War Secession of the Council of 500 Modern times


The head of state is the Golden Emperor Auric. The Emperor appoints a secretariat to manage day-to-day business within the Empire. The Secretary of War oversees the Admiralty. The regional fleets are used to maintain control over local and vassal governments. In addition, an advisory senate of representatives from major systems develops and proposes to the Emperor new legislation.


The Grand Galactic Empire structures its military into several fleets. Each fleet is headed by an Admiral who commands several battlegroups of capital ships and starfighters, as well as an infantry corps. - Core Alpha Fleet - Core Omega Fleet - Western Coast Fleet - Mon Stella Fleet - Expeditionary Fleet

The backbone of the fleet is the Katana-class Carrier/Destroyer. The Katana class's primary support is the Valerian-class heavy escort frigate. The Imperial Navy's main fighters are the Valkyrie space superiority fighter and the Chickadee interceptor. In addition, there is limited deployment of the Valkyrie II heavy weapons platform, a starfighter designed to one-shot capital ships. In addition, every battlegroup has a variety of support shuttles and worker bees.

The Imperial Army is an expeditionary force under the command of the admiralty. There are several specialists within the army, most notably the highly mobile Army Rangers and the deadly Space Marine Corps. The army has suffered under limited vehicle support for many years due to the Space-First doctrine, but the influence of Nehellenium has forced the army to rapidly develop support trucks and light tanks.

The Home Guard is an auxiliary branch of the military established to provide additional defenses to vulnerable systems. The Home Guard consists almost entirely of trained infantrymen, but is less equipped than the Imperial Army. Home Guard brigades are often "borrowed" by the Army for operations that require additional troops.