45th Union

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45th Union
45th Union Flag4c.jpg
Tek Level 6
Hundreds of systems
United Systems Alliance
United Klingdom
Notable People
President Peachamir Putin
General William Two-Face Tecumseh Sherman
A more recent picture of 45th Union forces.

45th Union

The 45th Union is a completely Peach faction, dedicated to the safety and freedom of all Peaches. They have a wide assortment of Mechas, Tanks, Aircraft, and other vehicles. They have a perfectly balanced army and are capable of taking the fight directly to their enemies. Their capital planet is Moskovad.


The 45th Union is an Oligarchy, where the rich and powerful only pretend to give the average citizen any power. Recently, President Peachamir Putin has made moves to declare himself president for life.

Normal Life

Life for the average citizen of the 45th Union is a crushing cycle of poverty and vodka, with military service often being the only way out. For the political elite and upper class, life is a crushing cycle of backstabbing and vodka, with emigration often being the only way out.

If there is one good thing that can be said for the ultrarepressive, ultraconservative Putin administration it is that they support peach rights.


An outdated army inspection picture.
One of the GA90E Gladiator Prototypes.

As of early BR 2,015, Peachamir Putin has stated that the GA-35B Gladiator MBT is to be replaced by a stronger, more capable line of MBT's in the face of new tanks being developed by allies of the USA. Currently, the GA90E Gladiator series is expected to become the 45th's new MBT, and is undergoing trials to ensure that it is ready for combat.