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Significant Events

Forum Battles

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Duerer Operacja: Laserowy Gniew Forces of the Third Alliance wage an assault at a Polish Research facility, in order to obtain secret weapons for the final victory.
Duerer Raid on Nowy Gdańsk Forces of the USSSR and the Space Nazis launch a combined attack on the old Starport of Nowy Gdańsk. The Confederate Navy is aided by reinforcements from the Krakow Union.
Duerer Party Crashers A detachment of Knights from the Order of Dorzyń and agents of the Blue Heliad Sciences Corp venture into the mines of Asteroid PN-12, only to learn, that all the workers inside have been killed and sacrificed to Brikthulhu.
Duerer Z Ogniem I Laserem: Part Deux Forces of the Konfederacja Polska and the Imperial Magikstrate attempt to drive the Nazis back from the Capital District of Planet Puczysk
Duerer Red Heat Soviet Forces are making their way to the factories of the Fynnish Planet Vipurii.
Silent-Sigfig Escape From Planet Drex. The United Systems Alliance attacks an Immortal blockade.
Silent-Sigfig Raid on Factory X. Britannian forces face a Celestial Kingdom Incursion.
Silent-Sigfig Get That Antiimmortalium! Many factions clash over a powerful object.

Reports from the Field

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Valiant Canadia Tries Out New Military Hardware ABS Defence Systems demonstrated the viability of the Leopard 2A6M CAN+ and the Stormer IFV. Major Natalya, representing the Canadian military, went ahead with the order of the Leopards. The Stormer's were declined, as their performance rating in the artic conditions was lackluster.
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Magical Soaps

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Natalya BjorkWars Quantumsurfers always seem to have problems getting along with eachother. Colette pisses off Overwatch by being strict about having bots in the BrikWars Chat room. When Overwatch tries to get revenge against Colette things take a turn towards the dramatic, and after Insert_Blank arrives, towards the existential.
Bjorkwars-054.pngColette summons Magikal Girls in BjorkWars
Duerer A Forsaken Nation Reborn This story tells the history of the Kingdom of Poland, it's downfall and it's national uprisings in BR 2,014.
Duerer The Wolf and the Bear (Pt. 2, Pt. 3) The Space Nazis and the USSSR agree on invading and partitioning Polish and Magyar territories. However, a spy manages to obtain vital information about this endeavour.
Duerer The Death of Worlds The Space Nazis summoned the Brikthulhuid daemon Beelzebub, that eventually destroys the Planet Puczysk. In the meantime, Chief Librarian Jerzy Durer is held in captivity by the Nazis.
Duerer An Ancient Curse (Pt. 2, Pt. 3) The daemon, found in the mines of Asteroid PN-12, announced the return of the infamous Magyar King Zoltan III, who will take revenge on his own people. Meanwhile, Nutzee cultists manage to revive the Cult Leader Ignaz, who took interest on the legend of the fallen king.

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