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2014 was a pretty good year actually, yeah
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Silverdream (Feb 2016)

Significant Events

Magic Soap Operas

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Duerer Operacja: Puryfikacja The Polish high command prepares their attack on the Bavarian homeworlds.
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Forum Battles

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Duerer Z Ogniem I Laserem The Space Nazis attempt a raid on the Polish Planet Puczysk and are confronted with the local naval patrol.
Silent-Sigfig Lazy Battle The United Systems Alliance and 45th Union assault a Trattorian glue factory.
Silent-Sigfig Fall of Starport 73(Again) The Immortal Alliance assaults a starport.
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The Five: Act 2, You can't Escape the Miles by Scratch

Ambushed In The Foothills by Coriolanus

Lazy Battle by Silent_Sigfig

The Trouble with Shoville by Silverdream

Falx Invasion, Act 5: Retaliation by Zahru

A Lovely Picnic by Silverdream

For Great Justice, Part I: Tower of Justice by Quantumsurfer

Reports from the Field

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Superbowl CVIII Stealers vs Vikings Alex

Bad Memories Bricksyd

2nd san juan pig war Coriolanus

A long procrastinated BR Moronstudios

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