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Zahru Trollarm
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Zahru II (SigFig)
Zahru's Companions

Zahru's companions, the fair WoodElf ClearWater and the adventurer Reddish Sonia.

Zahru’s origins fade to the past. One thing’s for sure: it's only thanks to his emergence that the human minifig tribes of ancient Medivo were able to survive their early years.

Zahru wandered around the world, helping always those who needed aid. Many tales tell about his great deeds. In one, he saved a village from a Dungan warband, by teaching them how to use bow and arrows, so the villagers could cover him while fighting. In another, he fought against a dozen trolls, slaying them all by himself. During the fight, he bathed in their blood, and gained troll strength and the ability to regenerate. His left arm was warped and became troll-like as well. As these and similar stories spread, he began to elevate from a warrior hero to a divine being in public consciousness.

His greatest legend was the vanquishing of the evil spirit known as Warhead; for this he gathered the best warriors from across the world of Medivo and forged an army. With their aid, Zahru was able to defeat the dark hordes and severely wound Warhead. He sealed the evil spirit inside a mountain which he then hid underground. The survivors of the battle were given demigod-like powers by Zahru, who left Medivo behind afterwards.

Zahru’s existence is still a matter of debate, but many hope that when humanity will face great danger that would threaten its existence, Zahru will return from the past and kick ass.

Unit Abilities

Zahru Trollarm is the SigFig of Zahru II, and is a heroic unit with the unique and logik-defying ability to equip and fight with an unlimited number of minifig weapons at the same time. Thanks to his troll arm, Zahru has incredible strength and regeneration ability.

Notable Appearances

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2011 2011 ώ ώ ώ ώ
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