Shadowscythe's Shitty Tit Farts Happy New Year BR 2,014

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And Lo, came BR 2,014 to the BrikVerse and with it came the boredom of the Scythe, who cut a swath through the Far-Ums and felled the stagnation growing there. He broadcast the following message on all channels, wishing the inhabitants of the BrikVerse a Happy Cunting New Year:

"Let me tell you a story of my new years eve . . .

I was at work, bored and alone - and ended up trying to use my global mod powers to figure out how best to fuck off brikguy0410 . . . y'know, as you do when you need something to laugh at when you find yourself staring at a screen at twat-o-clock in the morning.

So, given my over caffinated state of mind, filled with sugar and vim I found out I could edit his signature as well as his custom title - and when I was done, I couldn't help but think . . .

"This shit is too small"

So I went to the only logical solution.

I asked Colette and Silverdream what I should do next.

Finding out I could edit entire groups with custom ranks and colours at a time, I decided "Lets say happy new year to everyone at once!" and with Silva's donation, "Shitty tit farts" was born.

But this was too small.

So I made you all fabulous to boot.

But then I figured, why be fabulous if you couldn't all be me? Because lets face it, I am fucking awesome - and I was feeding off my own ego at this point. So you all became me. Registered users, Moderators, Even Natalya - and my awesomeness spread.

At this point, I took a step back and waited for a while to see everyone's reactions, and laughed heartily.

Every single rank and custom title? They still exist - but they now have to be reset by hand, every single fucking one.

So consider 2014 your year to re-forge your awesome people. This is a new rank year! You can all reset your avatars whenever, but your names will remain pink until me or another admin/glob-mod decide to pick a funnier colour of finally have enough of the eyesores, but in the mean time! New ranks ahoy bitches! Get the fuck to it. Build lego, Troll and counter-troll. Be Mikes little ducks. Be awesome.

And fear the wrath of Scythe. Your friendly batshit neighbourhood glob-mod."