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Significant Events

  • With the restart of the Politikal Rap Battle program, following the loss of the previous rap thread in the Overlution, the ongoing KommanderKen and Scratch rap feud began anew. See Rap Battles for more details.

Forum Battles

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Dienekes22 The Siege Two warring kingdoms, the Lions of the South, and Lions of the North, whose feud leads up to a grueling siege upon a citadel belonging to the South.
The Siege
bann154 Into the Breach! The Immortal Empire lay siege upon the walls of an Atherta Federation capital.
Into the Breach
Silent-Sigfig The Bleeding Crown (Chat Battle) Three forces converge on an artifact of unmeasurable power.
The Bleeding Crown
Duerer Assault on Visegrád Coalition troops desperately try to defend a fort at Planet Visegrád from the Axis hordes.
Assault on Visegrád
Duerer The Giant has fallen! A Polish-Magyar cavalry contingent prevents Soviet forces from obtaining a titan wreck.
The Giant has fallen!
Duerer Abandon All Hope During the decisive battle of Debrecen, the Coalition has to face off the Communist hordes and the Ancient King Zoltan.
Abandon All Hope
Duerer The Fugitive Six armies are on the hunt for a Soviet deserter on Planet Brest.
The Fugitive
Duerer Spill the Blood During another conflict in the Byelorussian SSSR, the Soviets managed to repel the attackers, while the Briktopians ripped a blood artefact.
Spill the Blood
Duerer Flytrap Lietuvan forces ambushed Coalition troops, who still managed to rip a sample of the "Weedkiller" bio weapon.

Reports from the Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Duerer Ultra Mecha Cock Rumble Live from Planet Sopron, four mechs are fighting till death.
Ultra Mecha Cock Rumble
Duerer Outbreak Barbarians manage to repel an attack of the Empire of Lavigrad, yet are forced to leave their homes afterwards.
Duerer The Krusher Several high ranked Soviet prisoners escape from a prison on Planet Kisvárda.
The Krusher

Magical Soaps

Duerer A Curse Lifted Although the Magyars successfully drove back the Soviet invaders, Abigél Erös is still distraught by the loss of her father and proceeds to search for him.
A Curse Lifted
Duerer I will return! (Pt 2) The Greater Empire of Lietuva emerges from the ashes and proceeds to attack the Soviets in Byelorussia, while the Poles are unable to intervene in this conflict. Not until a LIetuvan naval commander makes a huge mistake.
Kommander ken A Hearty Repast Frostborne and their allies enjoy a feast celebrating Winter's Solstice but are interrupted by a force of foreign invaders.
A Hearty Repast

BrikVersal Rekonstruktions
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