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The Avalonian flag resting in the debris from the second invasion.

The Old History

The origins of Avalon are shrouded in the mysteries of time. They are an ancient race and claim to be the principal ancestors of the royal bloodlines of the galaxy, although it has not been proven. The Old Sagas of Avalon tell of the rise of Avalon on the planet Cymru and their attempted subjugation of the surrounding systems. Civil war was common during this time.

One war in particular proved to be more damaging to the Avalonian people than any other. This was the war of Tefflin Anru. What started as a political dispute between two princes escalated into the split of the Avalonian civilization. The defeated prince Flendyn Anru fled Cymru to the outermost arm of the galaxy and colonized a new world he named after his own people.

His brother, Aethel Anru, pursued Flendyn and his people, but he and his navy were defeated when they arrived at the Avalon System. Without their leader, the Avalonians of Cymru fell into obscurity. Never again would they rise to the power they once knew. Legend has it that at this time, the high court at Yellow Castle severed all links with the Avalonians, although there is no proof suggesting that the Avalonians were connected with the high court at Yellow Castle.

The Middle History

One Hundred years to the day after the Great Separation took place, attempts were made by Aelhearn, the king of Cyrmu, to reunite the kingdom. Plans were drawn up to take the Avalon system in a single attack, but the Avalonian king, Gilfaefwy, learned of the plans thanks to an out sourced ninja society he had hired a decade earlier. Clandestine operations took place (operated by the ninja) that crippled the Cymru navy. The Avalonians, glad to be rid of their mother planet again, declared a decade of festivities and merry making. However, the Avalonians of Cymru still had a fleet held in reserve that had not been destroyed by the ninja. Led by Aelhearn himself, the fleet made its way to Avalon and bombarded the planet in a surprise attack that nearly destroyed the world. What remained of the Avalonian fleet managed to drive off the attackers, but left the world in ruins.

Prince Gethin was crowned king (due to his father’s death in the bombardment) and ordered the construction of the Cloaking Fields. These were a series of elaborate cloaking devices that kept all radio and transmission signals within the Avalon system except for those used by the newly created intelligence service. To other star systems, the area within and around the Avalon system would appear as dead space.

During this time, Avalonian society flourished, although to other societies it would have appeared far outdated. Avalonian intelligence infiltrated many worlds and close observation was kept on the rest of the galaxy.

Recent History

By the time King Sulien had ascended to the throne, the Avalonians had nearly forgotten of the wars outside their peaceful system. But with the threat of the Immortal War growing, King Sulien decided it would have been better to have something the other empires would need desperately so that they would not wipe out the now weakened planet. King Sulien learned of Orange Transparent material from the Imperial Intelligence of Avalon and decided upon a scheme whereby he would sell it to foreign armies. He ordered a large shipment of OT to be transported to Avalon via treasure fleet, but before the fleet could land on the planet, he ordered it attacked and destroyed. The treasure fleet crash landed into Avalon’s moon and was buried.

Decades later, mining expeditions on the moon discovered the crashed ships and OT. King Sulien leaked the news of the OT discovery to a people called the Menggu which prompted the Great Menggu Invasion and nearly destroyed Avalon.

The common people were unaware of King Sulien’s plot to destroy his own people and began to resist their foreign invaders. When one captain of the military, Semaj Nagirrac, began to gain victories against the invaders, the Menggu leader, Mordred, hired the Ying Si Ninja Society to assassinate him. Nagirrac was captured in the Battle of the Yellow Ruins and was nearly tortured to death until the Imperial Intelligence of Avalon rescued him.

Eventually, Nagirrac lead the people of Avalon to victory and was credited to slaying King Sulien when the wicked ruler’s plot was found out. Nagirrac was elected High Chancellor of Avalon until a new king of royal blood would be discovered and crowned.

Shortly after the kingdom was reorganized, a powerful being named Warhead emerged and began to seize power within the government. High Chancellor Nagirrac did all that he could to stop him, but Warhead was becoming too unstable. After various massacres, Semaj Nagirrac declared Warhead a terrorist and mobilized the military against him. At an ancient site called Hopklis Nur, Warhead was attacked by a combined Avalonian-Prussian force. When the temple of Hopklis Nur was opened, Bionix of various sizes rose from a chasm and began attacking everyone on site. A soldier named Uther Pendragon managed to make it through the lines of enemies and discovered an ancient map leading to Cymru. Sky Marshal Myrna of Prussia was with him. Documentation is scarce regarding this battle. It is rumored that the map acted as a transport to the Avalonian homeworld and brought Pendragon and Myrna of Prussia to Cymru. Within weeks, the Avalonians occupied the planet and reunited the old kingdom. Uther Pendragon was held for trial, but Cymru patriots stormed the judgement hall and interrupted the trial. It was never proved if Pendragon actually went to their world.

The map to Cymru was of extreme importance before the Battle of Hopklis Nur took place. Semaj Nagirrac and the Imperial Council of Avalon decreed that whosoever should find the map would complete the Rites of Rulership (an ancient tradition used when no king could be found) and become king of Avalon. Pendragon would have been crowned king if he could prove that he found the map, but unfortunately he had suffered a severe head injury and could not remember, or so the rumors said.

Avalon continued to function peacefully, with minor skirmishes against the Inquistadores, until a diplomatic body named the Allied Nations began receiving threats from Avalon. In these threats, Semaj Nagirrac called for the secession of all Third Alliance members from the Allied Nations and declared the same body as false. Nagirrac stirred the Third Alliance up and began the great AN/TA War. It was later discovered that Nagirrac had not sent the messages, but was in fact being held prisoner by General Atazir, a warrior from the Menggu Invasion that was long thought to have been dead. The Insectoids had forged the documents with Nagirrac's seal and sent them to the AN and the Third Alliance in an attempt to bring violence to Avalon again. They were sure that the Allied Nations and Third Alliance would bring enough fire power to open the demon gates on Avalon and begin the transformation of the peaceful planet into a second IceWorld.

While leading a strike team to rescue High Chancellor Nagirrac, Uther Pendragon was killed by the Ying Si Ninja. He managed to warn his wife, Igraine, of Avalon's immediate doom. She boarded a ship shortly after his death and hid with their son in the Prussian fleet. Their whereabouts are currently unknown. Semaj Nagirrac was killed and the fate of Avalon rested in the hands of the Ying Si Ninja Society. With the help of Cyrus Peach-Father, the suspected father of the Peach race, Avalon fell victim to the Peach Virus and the violence became too much to control. The temperature of the planet fell and demon gates opened. Mordred, the leader of the Ying Si, discovered that Cyrus Peach-Father was really a demon himself and was nearly killed when a piece of an RT Seed Bomb landed on the demon, sparing Mordred's life.

Sky Marshal Myrna of Prussia with Lady Igraine of Avalon gave the order to destroy Avalon before the Peach Virus could spread any further. The Kingdom of Avalon was destroyed.

Avalonian refugees are currently spread throughout the Brikverse, awaiting the king that will reunite them into a terrible power.

The Avalon Saga

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