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Immortal Empire
Tek Level 7
Galaxy-wide presence
None listed
Immortal Alliance
Anti-Immortal Alliance
Notable People



Sharane Darkstar

Immortal Empire

The Immortal Empire are ruthless invaders from another galaxy that appeared many years ago in the Brikverse and are threatening to consume it, which has caused the forming of the Immortal Alliance, the Anti-Immortal Alliance and the start of the Immortal War. The empire is led by Immortals, known for their ability to always reform a certain period of time after they are killed, who command legions of mortal soldiers and slaves gained from their many conquests.


In the forgotten mists of time, in the days of gods and legends, two children born from darkness were cast into the stars. Banished for the ill omen of destruction they both carried and the destiny they would bring about. For an age they drifted, lost, alone, abandoned. But fate played its game and the children on a tail of fire came to rest on the shores of Brik-Earth in Beduum. It was to be the beginning of the end…

The children were found by a local Lord who took them in. He raised them as his own among his five strong sons. Always hungry for knowledge the children learned quickly and studied all they could, including the arts of war. The first child, the one some called the stronger took the name Nemesis as his own. The other refused all names, and vowed he should be nameless. And so Nameless he would remain.

In old Brik-Earth war raged and factions fought endlessly in the times of the collapse. The children thrived on it and were children no more. Leadership came naturally to them and together there renown grew as victory was heaped upon victory as they won battle after battle. Alliances were made and enemies destroyed until, ultimately the last separatist faction was broken. And from the chaos an Empire emerged.

Never satisfied they looked to the stars. In their quest to conquer they organized and bent the entire resources of Brik-Earth to their will. Vast fleets of star ships and massed armies of seasoned troops were created and took war to the other planets of Brik-Sol. The outer colonies were subjugated and soon even more resources fed the growing war machine.

It would be an Empire that spanned many galaxies...

BR 1,980:

The Emperor had come to power and now lead a vast unified Imperial army of White and Red Deadly Spacemen. At his right hand was his Immortal brother Nameless and to his left his five Immortalized step brothers and step father, all generals of vast armies. They fought many battles across the voids of space and on many planets, time and again beating off attacks from Blokbots, Psionic Chessmen, 1:72 scale Toy Soldiers, and the depraved mutated minions of Professor Sharkhead.

BR 1,982:

Over the years, the step brothers developed a growing resentment as the Emperor and his Brother acquired more and more territories, as star systems became part of the Empire, and their armies grew. Their own overshadowed ambitions drove them to rebellion, and they began to plot. Only the White DSM followed the traitorous brothers into insurrection, and if it hadn't been for the swift action of Nameless, the Emperor's brother, all would have been lost, but the Yellow DSMs arrived to aid the Emperor! With the help of the battered but still loyal Red DSM, they pushed back and broke the rebellion in the halls of the Grand Palace, and the step brothers barely escaped with their lives.

BR 1,983:

The first Immortal son was born to the Emperor's Brother Nameless. Already he could demonstrated superhuman speed and was named Speedy by his sire, who always had had a way with names. Shortly after, a son was born of the Emperor's line and his name was Napoleon, as he displayed a high intelligence and keenness for tactics that even astounded his father. Meanwhile, the White Rebel DSM fought a constant losing war against the Empire's persecution, and two of the Step Brothers (The Eldest Brother Zastros and the next eldest 750cc) were finally captured and imprisoned. This drove the remaining brothers to desperate action, and they orchestrated an alliance with their most bitter and infamous enemies, Professor Sharkhead, leading a coalition of 1:72 scale Toy Soldiers and the Psionic Chessmen. The Empire had no idea what was looming. The attacks started on New Year's Eve all across the Empire, outposts were overwhelmed and planets fell to the onslaught. It was the Empire's darkest time.

BR 1,984:

The Emperor pardoned his two eldest step brothers and paroled them to fight once again as his Generals, Zastros leading the Red DSM and 750cc the Yellow DSM. Soon the Immortal Family grew as the Emperor begot Angel: a daughter of surpassing beauty and the first Psionic of the family line, the first who could fly due to her angelic wings, Gunner: a daughter of exceeding manliness and strength who showed a great aptitude for weapons and their application, and M.A.S. (Mad Animal Sandwich) the first Maniac who showed exceeding stupidity and vast strength, almost rivaling that of his sire. His brother Nameless begot Emmanuelle, another Immortal daughter of beauty who's superior IQ and abilities in the arts of love making were unsurpassed. Genghis was also born at this time, and became the second Maniac, and was just as dumb and almost as strong as his cousin MAS, who became best friends. And they begot, and boy did they begot the shit out of stuff. There was Immortals being born all over the damn place, it was worse than that film Gremlins you might say. But, soon a new army of Immortals was created and the fight against Professor Sharkhead began to take a turn.

BR 1,985:

Zastros and 750cc showed their loyalty in countless battles, and were rewarded with the privilege of siring Immortal offspring. Zastros' first son was Amok, who was hoped to become a great Maniac Warrior, but became the first of the Wallies instead. The wars were once again going well and the Empire was becoming even more feared due to the powers of the Immortal offspring and the terror of the Maniac Hordes. None could stand against them and greater and vaster weapons and ships were built to carry their conquest further. Professor Sharkhead's coalition, broken and dispersed, fought a guerrilla war amongst the Wastelands that seemingly resulted on almost all planets. They were hunted and crushed wherever found. New legions were formed, The Black DSM became the Emperor's Own, his personal army and bodyguard, later known as the Terrorkhan. The Blue DSM became another distinguished Legion of Honour. And the Emperor's Brother, promoted to Lord Inquisitor, took the best of his Yellow DSM and with genetic manipulations created the Pickled Cabbage Brigade, a force of militaristic Maniac-like soldiers. Each one possessed great strength and endurance. It would be these that would hunt down and finally destroy the three remaining step brothers and the remains of the White Rebel DSM.

Recent History

See the Immortal War. Also see Battles of the Immortal War.


The Immortals secretly arrive in the Brikverse and spread their influence throughout the region with but one goal in mind: war. The Immortal War begins with the Fall of Fico.


The Brikverse is divided between factions wishing to join the Immortals and factions who choose to oppose them. The Battle of Zombie Zulu Dawn, in which a zombie apocalypse ravages a Britannian planet, occurs.


The Nu-Territories: A new and undiscovered region is discovered by a recon team of Pathfinders. The realm is quickly claimed and given to Mini-Warhead to control.


Highly advanced, the Immortals use the latest plasma weapons to black hole technology, particularly their infamous and signature black hole missiles. A lot of their weapon technology is supported by Dial'O'Death. They themselves are renown for their Immortal Cores (which render Immortals unkillable, although their bodies can be destroyed and "killed" for a time) and Infinity Core tech.

Immortal Cores

An Immortal Core.

Despite the Immortal name, an Immortal can still be killed and even destroyed, to a point. However, the part of the Immortal that can never, under any circumstance be destroyed, or tampered with on any level, is the Immortal Core. This infinitesimally tiny seed is all that an Immortal needs in order to regenerate back into being. It repulses all scans and can not be detected under any means, it is unknown how this occurs but it has been surmised that there is a connection between all Immortals to the Emperor as it is known that he can somehow trace any and all Immortals living or in a state of regeneration. Immortal Cores have been captured in the past despite this defense, but retribution is always swift and to date no Immortal Core has failed to be re-acquired.

It was understood that the Immortals, as a race, are an extended family that passed on their traits and Immortality through procreation. However, this belief was soon shattered after it was discovered that non-family members, even once enemies, had been indoctrinated into the family by Immortalisation. It is known that the mortal has to die to be re-born as an Immortal and that only those who show themselves to be of extreme awesomeness are ever chosen. Just how this is done is not known but it is assumed that a radical redefining of the subjects DNA takes place while keeping the character of the person selected. Only the Emperor can Immortalise a non-family member, although this is mostly at the behest of other lesser Immortals, who have fought against or with those being considered for Immortalisation.

An Immortal begins to regenerate when damaged; however, if the host is entirely destroyed, the Immortal Core will gravitate towards the nearest and densest mass, regardless of distance, albeit very slowly. Stars, Planets, Black Holes, it is surmised that this may be why the Immortal Family have such a good grasp of Black Hole and Infinity Tech due to recovery operations. While the Core remains in such places as Stars or Black Holes, regeneration can not take place until the Core is recovered; nonetheless, they will remain unharmed. If the Immortal Core is seeded on a planet or a suitable environment, then the regeneration process can begin. In some cases Immortals have been consumed by creatures or even other races, but in all such cases the Immortal Core will grow inside the victim, who will be used to regenerate the Immortal, and this is always fatal for the victim.


Immortals rarely attack blindly and military discipline is strict, although the Maniacs form an exception to this rule.

Nomadic. Figuratively speaking. It can take eons for the Immortals to move on from a region or just weeks. There is no set pattern to their nomadic behaviour.

Immortal armed forces

A detachment of Immortal Terrorkhan, the elite of the Immortal grand armies.

Military Arm

The Emperor himself is in charge of this Arm.

  • Imperial Armies (Mortal): various specialist units and personal armies, including mecha and air support. The Terrorkhan are the most elite units.
  • The Maniacs (Immortal): Shock Troops, crazy and bloodthirsty.
  • Immortals (Immortal): Core, Elite and Specialist units.
  • Dial'A'Death (Immortal Elite): Classified, weapons dealing.

Fleet Arm

The Emperor's 1st Immortal Son "Napoleon" is in charge of this Arm.

  • Immortal Ship class + Immortal Ship Technologies
  • Imperial Navies (Mortal) Various Navies
  • Immortal Navies (Immortal) Personal Fleets of some of the Elite Family.
  • Grand Imperial Fleet (Immortal) The Immortal Emperors personal fleet.

Intelligence Arm

The Emperors Immortal Brother "Nameless" is in charge of this Arm.

  • Imperial Intelligence (Mortal) Various overt and covert factions
  • Dial'O'Death (Immortal Elite) Classified, weapons dealing.
  • Psionics: (Immortal) Interrogations and Combat.
  • Classified: Unknown.
  • Immortal TechTM: R+D/Weapons Division

Immortal Family

The actual immortal Immortals. They are also embedded into command positions in the other arms.

  • Elite: Experts, Veterans and the coolest of dudes and dudettes.
  • PSIonics: Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Telekinesis, Mind Powers, Scrying, Necromancy... you name it we've got it.
  • Generic: Specialists and all rounders
  • Maniac: Uber Maniac, Maniacs and Lesser Maniacs - crazed and bloodthirsty berserkers.
  • Wallies: - the Immortal shame, they didn't turn out as cool as the rest and are shunned or even hunted.


The Emperor has the highest authority and rules from the Immortal Palace. Generally, other Immortals serve as commanders. Though non-Immortal commanders also exist, they are almost always one step below the Immortals (at least, those who aren't Maniacs, because Maniacs don't care about leadership, and it is uncertain whether they even understand the concept).

Mainline Imperial Fleets and armies have a standardized organizational structure, although the exact number and composition of units varies depending on the mission, unit specialty, and detachment history.

Unit Name Lead By Unit Composition
File (No Leader) One Squad or Vehicle
Maniple Optio Multiple Files or Vehicles
Century Centurion Multiple Maniples, or one Starship
Cohort Primus 1-10 Centuries
Detatchment Legate Multiple Cohorts

Alpha Legion

Alpha Legion standing in front of the palace ruins of Fico right after the battle.

Jurisdiction: Local Galactic Group (Nehellenium Galaxy, Omegalon Dwarf Galaxy, Magikallenic Cloud, Vipiriath Wheel); based in former Gamma Corps territory

Immortal Leadership: Supreme Commander Warhead

The "Alpha Legion" is another name for the original core Immortal landing force that participated in the Fall of Fico, the first battle of the Immortal War. Also referred to as "High Command", the Alpha Legion is the nexus of all Immortal operations in the Nehellenium Galaxy and surrounding dwarf galaxies. It commands, coordinates, and supplies the other Immortal Legions throughout the galaxy, although it permits individual Legions much autonomy in day-to-day military operations. The Alpha Legion largely consists of Immortal family members, Terrorkhan, and the most elite soldiers of the vast Immortal forces.

Delta Legion

Overview. Forum Thread

Jurisdiction: Space Austria

Immortal Leadership: Delta Shard, Edgelord Redd

The Delta Legion fights with Space Austria. For his excellence in the Battle of Cape Briks, the Edgelord Redd was granted Immortality.

Zeta Legion

Overview. Forum Thread

Jurisdiction: Imperial Magikstrate

Immortal Leadership: Fright Knight, Joyful Reaper, Somber Gentleman, Zeta Shard

The Zeta Legion is assigned to deal with the Imperial Magikstrate.

Theta Legion

Overview. Forum Thread

Jurisdiction: Atherta Federation

The Theta Legion is assigned to the conquest of the Atherta Federation. They made landfall on the capital planet in G.R. 2016, but otherwise little is known about this legion.

Omicron Legion

Overview, with a few Britannian forces mixed in.

Jurisdiction: Extragalactic (Magikallenic Kloud (Space Nazis), Omegalon Dwarf Galaxy (Praetorian Empire))

Immortal Leadership: Omicron Shard

The Omicron Legion is assigned to engaging the Praetorian Empire. They currently operate in the Magikallenic Kloud to counter the Praetorian invasion there.

Sigma Legion

Overview. Forum Thread

Jurisdiction: Northern Spirals (United Systems Alliance, Assyrian Star Empire, Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria)

Immortal Leadership: General Banfull, Veila, Sigma Shard

The Sigma Legion is the invisible hand of the Immortal Empire, using unconventional tactics to bring down the major superpowers of Nehellenium. Their area of responsibility encompasses the Northern Spirals region of the galaxy, including the USA's eastern border, Trattoria, and Assyria. The Immortals in charge, Banfull and Veila, largely leave day-to-day command to a mortal demon known as the Accountant. Specializing in economic/financial sabotage and warfare, the Accountant radically changed the Sigma Legion's strategies to break the ineffective ennui that Immortal forces had encountered against the immensely powerful Superpower countries in the Northern Spirals. The Accountant's ultimate goal is to obtain Immortality, which he has been promised if he can find a way to conquer Trattoria. In G.R. 2017, the Sigma Legion made landfall on the east coast of the USA on planet New Orleans.

Omega Legion

Overview. Forum Thread

Jurisdiction: United Systems Alliance

Immortal Leadership: Omega Shard, Crixton Var

The Omega Legion focuses on the USA. The navy is known as the Star Flayers, and is led by mortal Admiral Bram. In G.R. 2016, the Legion invaded the USA state of Hawaii, and in G.R. 2017 finally made landfall on the USA's west coast on planet Bay View.

Notable Leaders

Immortal Emperor

Supreme Commander of Nehellenium, Warhead

Various Immortals

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