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The Terrorkhan are fearless Elite shook troops used by the Immortals in the opening stages of invasion. Wearing Heavy Armour that encompasses a jetpack these troops can be dropped without the need for an assault shuttle to land. They can arrive with a large arsenal of dropped equipment that allows them to quickly seize an objective before they dig in and defend it from the enemy until reinforcements arrive.

Once a foothold is established the Terrorkhan are more than capable troops in support of a breakout and will count towards some of the heaviest mortal troops available.

Terrorkhan Jetpacks.jpg

Armed with various weapons from the Immortal Armouries they do however favour the Blast Rifle with under-barrel Grenade Launcher and the Burst Flechette SMG. Typically each trooper has one Flechette Grenade and a Electro Sword Bayonet.