Zombie Zulu Dawn

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After destroying the Peach base the Assyrian Strike Team reaches the surface to find the planet in the grips of a zombie apocalypse. By coincidence or Peach design?

They’re forced to fight a running battle through the streets in order to reach a small military outpost before being cut off…

Others have heard of the dastardly Peach research facility and know the Assyrians have seized vital Intel in the form of a Computer Core from the Peach base. They plan to seize the computer core to find its secrets for themselves. But who will succeed?

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- Warhead

Starting in late BR 2,009 and continuing through BR 2,010, Zombie Zulu Dawn became BrikWars' greatest forum battle and the standard by which all battles were measured. With dozens of participants and thousands of photos, ZZD cemented a great majority of early BrikWars Kanon.


Opening Factions

The Assyrian Star Empire

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"The Computer Core must reach the homeworld, nothing else matters... Aw for shit sake who put all these fucking retards in the way!?!"
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Played by: Natalya

Units: The Captain, the Squadron Leader, The NCO, Troopers, Assyrian Star Commandos

The Britannian League

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"Jolly bad show all these cadavers wot? Still, we have our orders and by gad we shall see them carried out to the end. The Space Port will not fall until the Assyrians complete their mission."
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Played by: Lrdofbriks, Magic Soap

Characters: Captain Alexandria, Hooky the Britannian Sniper

Units: The Lieutenant, Assault Troopers, Irregulars, Base Defences Twin Ion Cannon!!!, Steam Gatling Gunner

Post-Apoc Survivors

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"Survival, at all costs... so long as you get to re-kill the undead along the way."
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Played by: Massam

Characters: MaD mAx-SaM, Blitzen, the Immortal Maniac Borstal, Rocket Girl, the Crying Deadly Spaceman, the Re-Programmed Assyrian Assassin Droid, Hunter, Man-at-Arms

Units: a Scout, a Medik

Peach Pirates

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"The Assyrians are responsible for atrocities against Peach Kind, you hate them. You have been contacted by an Agent of the Peach Liberation Army, they have placed a contract and want you to attack the Assyrians and take back what they've stolen."
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Played by: Birdman

Characters: Captain Badass, Peach Princess Leia, the Peach Doctor

Units: Wookiees, Peaches

Bitch Brigade

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"Argh! Zombies!!! Get me the fuck off this planet!!! Oh look a space port! But we've no money. Hey, those Assyrians look suspicious... Ooo, that computer core looks expensive."
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Played by: AdrianTheGeek

Characters: The Grand Bitchess, the Gimp

Units: Big Bitches, Lil' Bitches, Man Bitches, Strap-On Auto Cannon

Manly Men

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"Locked Cocked and ready to Rock! It's dyin' time! Hey, isn't that the Computer Core the Peach Liberation Army put a contract out on? Oh, hell's yeah, Lets go!"
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Played by: 501stCadians, MasterEcabob

Characters: Manly Santa (later Manly Fuckin' Santa)

Units: Troopers, Tough Ombres

Space Daemons

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"You are Xenophobic Mercs sent on a mission. The zombies hold no power over you and you despise the humans but the Peach Liberation Army through the Peach Pirates are paying for your assistance here."
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Played by: IVHorseman

Characters: Daemon Prince Dragosani, The Old One

Units: Daemons, Blood Daemons

The Undead Deadly Spacemen of the Azure Guard

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"You care nothing for Zombie Lincoln's war or any of the other inferior races. Zombie Lincoln has shown his power and for now you shall follow as it serves your own ends."
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The Army of Darkness Zombies

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"Brains! The serve the will of their Necromaster. Sorry, Zombie Lincoln is not available at the moment but if you leave your shrill screams after the groan a lackey will kill you momentarily. Another controls the Army of Darkness while Zombie Lincoln is off doing god knows what. Dun-Dun! Duh! He's really scary too."
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Characters: The Necromaster, Zombie Michael Jackson, Undead Pirate Captain, Undead Gordon Ramsey, Mini-Warhead

Units: Creepers, Stalkers, Rippers, Zombies, Wraiths, Necromancer Wights, Ammo Tractors, Zombie F'N' Chefs, Yellow Slavers, Hunters, Undead Iceworlders, Undead Assyrian Troopers

Secret Factions


Units: Proto-Figs, Deadly Spacemen



Played by: Tuefish

Characters: Commander Leonidus

Units: Heavy Flamer, Einherjar, VOL Troopers

Red Baron De'ath's Horde

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"Oh Noooooe! It's the Red Baron De'Ath and his henchmen, sworn enemies of the Britannian League... ...uh, I don't think they look at all well. More Undead, groan!"
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Characters: Red Baron De'ath

Units: Wight Knights, Undead Archers

The Immortals

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"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Maniac Drop Pod Suprise, the suprise is... there isn't a drop pod and unlike here, they are rarely on target. Elite Immortals DO however get their own drop pod."
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Played by: Magic Soap

Characters: Mad Q-cumber Sandwich, Digit, Joe Pineapples, Volt

Unlocked Factions

The Time Traveling Super Jews

Played by: Capt. Zipps

Characters: Captain Horowitz, Ice-Maker the Assassin

Units: Super Sandwich Guy Heavies, Troopers, Cleavers, Bounty Hunters

Almighty Benny

Played by: Almighty Benny

The Peach Liberation Army


Played by: Warhead