Timeline of the Immortal War

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This is a comprehensive summary of events during The Immortal War. For more detail, see Battles of the Immortal War and Envoys of the Immortal War.

R. 2,009

8th Cycle

On the 8-9th days of the 8th cycle of R. 2,009, The Immortals invade the Gamma Corps world Fico. Warhead is beheaded by Gamma Corps hero Aegis, and his essence is splintered. Fico is conquered and eventually destroyed.

R. 2,010

7th Cycle

Zombie (Zulu) Dawn. A zombie apocalypse on a Britannian world, orchestrated by Peaches, causes a major war between multiple factions; notably the Vol, the Assyrian Star Empire, the Time Travelling Super Jews, and members of the Immortal family. A tinfoil energy maelstrom leaves the planet devoid of life, except for Fleebnorks. A Computer Core holding extremely important data regarding the apocalypse is lost in the maelstrom.

Rumors of an "Immortal-killing" McGuffin abound. Despite their obvious falsehood, an entire planet gets banhammered from existence over them.

A Warhead splinter on Medivo gains contact with the Immortal Empire, and a few Immortals are sent to aid him and his Evuul allies.

8th Cycle

Akkadia develops Personal Teleporter technology, and is invaded by several neighbors. The Immortals come to their aid. The invaders are defeated.

12th Cycle

The Immortal battlecruiser Hyperion, having captured the lost Computer Core from Zombie (Zulu) Dawn, is raided by Briktopians and Rodrigo Palo's pirates. Zombie Lincoln appears, and is captured by the Immortals. Connections between The Immortal Empire and the Peaches are revealed.

R. 2,011

1st Cycle

An Immortal guerilla force destroys a comms relay, creating a blind spot in the defence network of the Mauran world Prestell.

Vergilius Raskolnikov invades the FELC world Alighieri. The Immortal Empire officially declares war on the FELC for betrayal. Rodrigo Palo's pirates appear, and Alighieri is purged of all life through BrikThulhian magic.

2nd Cycle

The Nyphilian Empire is eradicated by a temporary alliance of the Silvarians, Tyronians, NSST, FELC, and the Immortals.

6th Cycle

Warhead hangs out with Pedonuker for a brief side quest

7th Cycle

Zupponn Mining Co mercenaries and their Immortal employers attack and destroy a Scythian mining outpost.

8th Cycle

Vergilius Raskolnikov fights the FELC and the Briktopians on Remarque. Rodrigo Palo is returned to the mortal world, Immortals appear to attack the FELC but are crushed themselves. The FELC eventually stand victorious, enlarging their empire with several nearby unclaimed worlds.