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Minifigs corrupted by the cursed brands of the Nega-Bloktrix and War-Lock

Corrupted, ungodly, synthetic,or counterfeit ABS is lumped under the derogatory umbrella term CLO, an abbreviation for Counterfeit Leg-Ore. CLOan ABS is believed to have originated in the NegaVerse as a way to corrupt and sabotage the creations of Legitimitium engineers.

CLOan Brands are the symbols that represent CLO-aligned factions. The symbols themselves carry unholy power, and CLOan leaders will sometimes cruelly brand them onto captured legitimate ABS forces, corrupting and dominating them. Exorcising CLOan influence can be extremely difficult once such a Brand has been inflicted. Creatures that are not corrupted but rather born to a particular Brand are members of the CLOan Genus.

Chief among the CLOan factions is the NegaVerse, ruled by the Nega-BlokTrix, but they also include smaller and less known variants such as Best-Loch, led by the omnicidal sorcerer War-Lock. They are hated within the BrikVerse, and many factions have dedicated millennia to eradicate them, because CLOans result in such vastly inferior constructions and defect-plagued devices that they produce a sense of disgust in all who witness them. Legions of righteous paladins such as the Legiteye Knights and the Oktan Rangers, along with the mysterious Order strive constantly in their CLOan Wars with no end in sight, dedicating themselves to their holy crusade against evil forces fighting under the symbols of the CLOan Brands. Despite this, the parasites that are CLOan Brands always return, mainly due to the fact that they are much cheaper to obtain and produce than Leg-Ore ABS.

Some factions embrace these mutations of ABS, and allow them to assimilate with their minifigs. This practice is usually frowned upon by the BrikVerse at large. Other factions treat the CLOan Brands as you do a street vendor; that is, by ignoring them completely.

CLOan Brands can be hard to spot. But constant vigilance will indicate which is pure ABS and which is not. To aid you, here are some key distinguishing features.

A Negablok Tank
A Lego Tank, With Pure ABS

  • CLOan bricks have larger studs
  • Said studs don't usually stay together
  • They have different shades of colors
  • Their minifigs are grotesque monsters
  • There is a collection of garish stickers and decals
  • CLOan elements are cheaper quality and break easier
  • You may notice spontaneous vomiting in the presence of CLOan elements